LAGERBOX Tackles Their Invalid Click Problem With PPC Protect

Display ads account for a massive chunk of LAGERBOX’s marketing budget. As a Google-facing business, getting the most out of their B2C and B2B ad campaigns is a top priority. Maximizing both ad spend and lead generation are critical for LAGERBOX.

2.4% increase

in traffic quality

8% of clicks

invalid or suspicious per month

Over €1000 saved

in ad spend per month

When it comes to self-storage solutions, LAGERBOX is the number one choice in Germany. The company provides secure storage units to both consumers and businesses. Established in 1997, LAGERBOX currently operates in 17 German cities with 27 locations. 

LAGERBOX's goal was to improve their ad performance and campaign quality by reducing low-quality, invalid and fraudulent ad clicks.

LAGERBOX’s Problem

Michel Galka has been Marketing Manager at LAGERBOX for the past 11 years. He was aware of the problem of invalid and fraudulent clicks within the industry, and he noticed that LAGERBOX’s click rate just wasn’t adding up. 

An industry colleague recommended PPC Protect. Michel was impressed with how easy PPC Protect’s platform is to use and the responsive service offered by the team. ‘All my questions are answered really quickly,’ he says. 

How PPC Protect Helped LAGERBOX

Since implementing PPC Protect’s software, Michel has seen a huge improvement in click rates. Eliminating low-quality, invalid, and fraudulent ad clicks has ensured LAGERBOX is saving money. And it’s also increased genuine leads and more customers. And that’s good news for company profits.

"PPC Protect is a good solution for LAGERBOX. We save money and have seen an increase in genuine leads and traffic to our website. PPC Protect has helped us grow our customer base significantly."

Michel Galka - Marketing Manager

LAGERBOX’s Success Story

The numbers speak for themselves: LAGERBOX is saving over €1000 in ad spend every month. PPC Protect’s automated software has identified 8% of clicks as invalid or suspicious per month. Even better is the 2.4% increase in the Total Quality Index. Developed by PPC Protect, this measurement highlights the uplift in traffic quality achieved through the platform. 

‘PPC advertising is really important to our business,’ says Michel. Thanks to PPC Protect, LAGERBOX’s ad campaigns are targeted on the right kind of clicks: ones that become long-standing customers. 

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