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Remove invalid users from your entire PPC funnel. Try it free for 14 days & see the impact.

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Up to $40,000 per month ad spend.

From $240 per month

Eliminate Click Fraud

Smart Traffic Segmentation

Unlimited Ad Clicks

Unlimited Ad Accounts


Over $40,000 per month ad spend.

Everything in Growth

Dedicated Account Manager

Custom SLA Agreements

User Access Control

Uncapped Ad Spend


For PPC & SEM agencies.

Everything in Growth

Dedicated Account Manager

Custom SLA Agreements

User Access Control

Uncapped Ad Spend

White Label Reporting

Branded Dashboards

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Real time automated traffic blocking

Unlimited protected clicks

Unlimited protected domains

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Here's What our Customers Say

Matt T PPC Protect Review Avatar

Matt Tomkin

Founder at Tao Digital

The software is easy to use, it helps our clients protect themselves from ad fraud and is generally a great tool for us to offer out to our clients as an add-on service.

Jacky C Click Fraud Software Review

Jacky Chou

PPC Consultant at Yando

PPC Protect is one of my favorite tools in my stack right now. It works flawlessly out the box and has resulted in significant cost savings for our campaigns.

Markus H Click Fraud Software Review

Markus Hüttner

Google Ads Expert

We compared every click fraud company out there and PPC Protect easily took first place. The results and savings on our budget is currently 20% and is increasing every month!

Why Use PPC Protect?

automated click fraud software

Complete Automation

100% automated, 100% of the time. Focus on managing your ad campaigns and let us deal with blocking click fraud. It's like having your own personal team of fraud analysts working 24/7/365.

expert support

Expert Support & Help

Our friendly UK based support superstars are always here to answer any of your click fraud queries or questions through the phone or 24/7 email support.

transparent pricing

Totally Transparent Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing for all our customers. No mandatory fixed contracts and the ability to cancel at any time. That’s how we do things around here.


We Grow With You

Every user gets access to Accelerate, our PPC growth platform. Supercharge your PPC knowledge and results with our fantastic community & experts.


Secure User Access Control

Give users access to only the accounts you want them to view, with full audit logs provided. Perfect for giving clients their own system login!


Fair Billing Policy

It can happen - you stop running ads and you have subscription time left. Just reach out to us and we'll provide a future credit for any time you weren't running ads!

Some of the most commonly asked questions

Got questions? We've got answers

Is PPC Protect safe & secure to use?

Yes. We are approved Google Ads developers and connect to your account via a Google approved & audited API connection. This means we don't take ownership of your accounts or have managerial access over them. Some of the world's largest companies use PPC Protect thanks to our secure connection methods, so you're in good company.

Does PPC Protect require scripts to be added to my site?

No. PPC Protect is designed to be entirely server-side, meaning all the heavy lifting is done during our click processing stage. There is no need to add tracking scripts to your website. We think that's pretty cool.

Do you support multiple domains per Google Ads account?

Of course we do! With PPC Protect you can ad as many domains as you want to each out. We'll only ever bill you on the ad spend you process through our platform, not the amount of domains or accounts you use.

Does PPC Protect only block click fraud?

No, PPC Protect blocks & prevents click fraud and all other types of invalid traffic and invalid user interactions from your ads accounts.

What if i cut my Google Ads Budget to be lower?

If your Google Ads budget falls in to a lower plan then simply downgrade and you will receive a credit for any remaining time on your plan, which will come off your next invoice.

Do I have to sign a 12 month contract?

No. Annual contracts are available for users who wish to take advantage of them, but we also offer flexible month to month options with no commitment terms.

Do you support MCC accounts?

Yes. In fact, some of the world's largest media agencies use PPC Protect in their MCC accounts. There's no extra cost for adding an MCC account and our pricing is based only on the ad spend you process through the PPC Protect system.

What if my Google Ads budget goes over my limit?

We'll give you plenty of warning that you are approaching your limits and offer you the opportunity to upgrade to a higher plan. If you choose not to upgrade, your active protection will stop until your next billing cycle when your budget usage will reset.