Automatically Stop Click Fraud In Seconds

Your PPC campaigns are losing money to fraudsters.
Fight back against click fraud with PPC Protect.

Fraudulent Bots

40% of traffic on the internet comes from automated bots. These bots are clicking on your adverts, costing you money, and not converting. Ensure only humans click your adverts with PPC protect.

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Unethical Competitors

Competitors will do anything to get ahead of you. That includes sabotaging your PPC adverts to waste your budget. Block unethical competitors and protect your adverts with PPC Protect.

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Malicious Click Farms

Botnets and click farms can deplete your entire AdWords budget in minutes using malicious proxies and VPNs. Don’t lose money to robots, protect your budget and campaign with PPC Protect.

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instant click fraud protection

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Packed with Fraud Busting Features

Auto IP Blocking

We’ve implemented the most effective automatic IP blocking system around. PPC Protect will automatically determine when click fraud occurs and block that IP from ever seeing your ads. Clever – and saves money too!

24/7 Protection

PPC Protect click fraud protection works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our automated systems can detect and prevent click fraud with unprecedented accuracy – saving you up to 30% of your AdWords spend.

Detection Rules

What works for one business might not work for another. Our anti click fraud algorithms can be tweaked to your specific business niche or industry, giving you the maximum possible level of click fraud protection at all times.

Multiple Users

Need to give your team access to your dashboard for reporting or monitoring purposes? No problem! We allow multiple users per account and even the ability to choose what features they can see or have access to.

Full Traffic Monitoring

Unlike other click fraud protection services which only look at clicks from PPC adverts, PPC Protect will analyze any visitor to your website no matter where they came from. This lets us identify fraudsters before they even click your ads.

Multiple Domains

Need to protect more than one website with PPC Protect? No problem! You can easily add multiple domains in your admin dashboard, allowing you to protect yourself against click fraud on all your websites from one central location.

Over 30,000 AdWords accounts are protected by PPC Protect.

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