Click Fraud Protection That Costs You Nothing

Reduce CPAs, improve PPC performance and stop paying for competitor, bot and invalid clicks. On average, PPC Protect users recover 13x the cost of our service from using our click fraud protection software.

Why is this important?


For Every $3 Spent on PPC Ads, Click Fraud Takes $1

Take Back Control Of Your Paid Search Spend

Advanced Traffic Analytics

See detailed insights in to PPC traffic quality, fraudulent placements & advanced fraud analytics with our easy to use dashboard.

Real Time Monitoring

Existing click fraud solutions rely on outdated third party blacklists and simple analysis, but it isn't working. Catch bad traffic in real time with PPC Protect.

Cybersecurity, Not AdTech

AdTech providers have failed to stop the explosion of click fraud. That's why we've built the first cybersecurity-driven fraud detection engine.

Block Only Bad Traffic

Block bad traffic from your campaigns in real time whilst never blocking real paying customers thanks to our cutting edge detection networks.

Fully Automated

With just a two minute setup time you'll be ready to automatically detect and block invalid traffic & click fraud across your PPC campaigns.

Transparent Reporting

Get log level data for clients or internal teams with help from our data analysts, or produce impactful PDF reports for those less technically minded.

Automated Real Time Click Fraud Protection

PPC Protect Improves Your Paid Search Campaigns

Stop Click Fraud

Bots, scrapers, competitors, click farms, dodgy apps, the list is endless. They're in your paid search campaigns, destroying your conversion rate & wasting your PPC spend. Block them with PPC Protect.

Transparent Data

When your PPC campaign data includes invalid traffic, it's impossible to make effective decisions from it. Make more impactful data driven decisions with a clean & transparent dataset.

Filter Bad Traffic

Not all bad traffic is fraudulent, but it still distorts your data and eats up your budget. Filter it automatically and in real time with PPC Protect's cybersecurity driven detection engine.

Get More Leads

Stop Invalid Clicks

Secure Your Data

Target Bad Traffic

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Here's What our Customers Say

Matt Tomkin

Founder at Tao Digital

The software is easy to use, it helps our clients protect themselves from ad fraud and is generally a great tool for us to offer out to our clients as an add-on service.

Jacky Chou

PPC Consultant at Yando

PPC Protect is one of my favorite tools in my stack right now. It works flawlessly out the box and has resulted in significant cost savings for our campaigns.

Markus Hüttner

Google Ads Expert

We compared every click fraud company out there and PPC Protect easily took first place. The results and savings on our budget is currently 20% and is increasing every month!


Maximum Accuracy. Minimum Time.

Block Click Fraud & Bad Traffic, Automatically

PPC Protect is an entirely automated click fraud prevention solution. Existing adtech driven solutions are using simplistic IP analysis, static defined rules and small scale sampling - but they aren't working. That's why we've built the first cybersecurity driven solution to the industry's $25bn problem. We detect click fraud automatically at scale with thousands of data points, all analysed in real time, and backed up with our advanced self-learning algorithms.

PPC Protect Gets Results

For too long click fraud detection has relied on simplistic rule setting, user based inputs, small scale sampling and simple analysis. We say it's time to change that. By utilizing our real time cybersecurity driven fraud prevention platform, PPC Protect can detect click fraud with incredible accuracy and faster than ever before.


Decrease in Bot Clicks


Increase in Traffic Quality


Decrease in Competitor Clicks


Average Platform ROI

*Average results measured from over 200,000,000 ad clicks in the last 6 months.

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Join 5,000+ brands & agencies in eliminating click fraud.

Protecting User Data

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

We are fully GDPR & CCPA compliant. User data security is our number one priority, and we take it extremely seriously. All user data is stored with military grade encryption and you retain full and complete ownership over your own user data at all times.

Industry Leaders Producing Pioneering Research

The Key Traits of Click Fraud

We don't just say we can stop click fraud. We back it up with data and studies. We're recognized as one of the leading companies in the field of click fraud prevention, and our work has been featured in numerous publications.

View our recent study on the key traits of click fraud below to get an idea of the work our analysts do. We're at the forefront of the fight against click fraud 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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