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Ad fraud is estimated to cost over $16 billion in just 2017 alone. We decided it was time someone did something about it. As a group of friends who have all been affected by Click Fraud, we decided to use our industry knowledge to create PPC Protect. Our algorithm delivers high end protection for marketing campaigns, made by marketers.

We're building the world's most trusted click fraud protection

Our Core Principles

Honesty Hands

Total Honesty

We believe in a total, 100% honest approach to our service and our clients. No hard sales, no BS, no nonsense.

Support Heart

Lifetime Partnerships

You're not just a customer. You are our partner. We're here to build long lasting relationships.

Transparent Search

Full Transparency

We’re fully open about who we are, where we’re based and who it is you’re dealing with. No hiding behind a mask.

Improve paid traffic quality

Unbeatable value

We're creating the world's most advanced, most reliable and smartest click fraud detection platform. Our goal is to give our valued clients and partners unbeatable value, and to work together to make the web a better place. Advertising doesn't have to be riddled with fraud - we can change that together.

Unleash the power of true automation

Time is money. We save both.

For too long, ad fraud prevention has relied on simple manual settings and asking the end user to define what is and isn't fraud. We think that's wrong. Your bank doesn't ask you to create their fraud prevention algorithms, so your click fraud protection shouldn't either. We help you save time & money with true automation.

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Who We Are

PPC Protect is a mishmash of fast-fingered developers, business professionals, sports fans, gaming geeks, cooking enthusiasts, and more. This group of individuals would never have combined into the unique culture we have now, if not for click fraud.

All of our founders have experience in online business, and we all stumbled upon one major issue; Click fraud. Annoyed at the lack of viable solutions, we did what anyone would do. We created our own.

Our software is ever-evolving to keep up with the click fraudsters that grow more adept every year. PPC Protect wasn’t always what it is now though, and we’re both surprised and thrilled that our small passion project has flourished into the multi-award winning business that it is today – not to toot our own horn.

If you require any assistance, our team are always ready to help answer any questions and alleviate all concerns!

Neil Andrew PPC Protect

Neil Andrew



Segev Hochberg PPC Protect

Segev Hochberg



Alex Winston PPC Protect

Alexander Winston

Head of Design & UX


elizabeth PPC Protect

Elizabeth Harris



Adam McBride PPC Protect

Adam McBride

Customer Success Manager


Daniel Higson PPC Protect

Daniel Higson

Account Specialist


andrew ppc protect

Andrew Flook

Sales Lead


Joseph Casilli PPC Protect

Joseph Casilli

Sales Development Representative


Osman Karabulut PPC Protect

Osman Karabulut

Account Analyst

Felix Fearnley PPC Protect

Felix Fearnley

Senior Engineer


Andrew Swindlehurst PPC Protect

Andrew Swindlehurst

Data Scientist


Matthew Nance PPC Protect

Matthew Nance


Nicolas Moreau PPC Protect

Nicolas Moreau

Software Engineer

Lilly Johansson PPC Protect

Lilly Johansson

Partnerships Manager


amar ppc protect

Amar Chana

Partnerships Lead


Sam Carr PPC Protect

Sam Carr

Head of Marketing


Macauley Zarrentino PPC Protect

Macauley Zarrentino



Head of People PPC Protect

Matt McKenna

Head of People


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