The Problem

Click fraud isn’t defined to any one industry, or any one geographic location. It happens all over the globe, across all industries. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fraudsters never stop. A recent study by attempting to investigate the scale of the bot-net and click fraud problem identified that less than half of all online paid advertising is ever seen by a human user.

Over the past 10 years the rate of click fraud has increased by an estimated 150%, and estimated annual losses have skyrocketed from around $6 billion to over $16 billion. Even worse: In some of the hardest-hit industries, up to 60% of all clicks are identified as fraudulent or coming from non-human sources.

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Our Core Principles

Total Honesty

We believe in a total, 100% honest approach to our service and our clients. We'll never upsell you a plan you don't need or won't benefit from and we'll never, ever go for a hard sell. We're here to benefit you and believe that our product speaks for itself.

Outstanding Support

Once you've signed up with PPC Protect our team of support heroes are right at your fingertips. No matter how big or small it may seem, we are here to help. Our support hub can answer most questions and our heroes are only an email away.

Full Transparency

We believe business should be transparent. That's why we don't hide behind anything. We're fully open about who we are, where we're based and who it is you're dealing with. After all, if you're doing business with someone, you have every right to know about them!

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Our Solution

Our solution is simple: we stop fraudsters from clicking your ads using our unique proprietary algorithm that actively blocks suspicious clicks and known fraudsters. By tracking the behavior and frequency of clicks from individual users, we can quickly determine if a click is genuine or fraud. Combine this with our extensive database of known fraudsters and you can feel safe knowing your ads are fully protected from any malicious activity.

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Our Team

Segev Hochberg
SaaS Distribution & Strategy Lead

Segev Hochberg is head of SaaS distribution & strategy lead at PPC Protect and works closely with clients to ensure our software does everything they need. Having owned two large ecommerce stores in the past, Segev was the victim of click fraud for many years until he co-founded PPC Protect with the rest of the team. Today Segev works on designing and implementing new features in our software while continually updating current ones based on customer feedback, as well as being responsible for setting the future vision of PPC Protect. With a passion for fighting click fraud and making sure clients are happy, Segev works with all departments to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Matthew Nance
Lead Developer

As the lead developer at PPC Protect, Matthew is responsible for bringing exciting new features to our ever growing software. Matthew co-founded PPC Protect with the rest of the team after working as a freelancer for several years. His previous freelancing work gave him plenty of time to refine his development skills and expand his technical knowledge. Matthew now focuses on developing new groundbreaking click fraud detection algorithms that help advertisers stop click fraud and save money. Using his range of skills in big data, data management and data processing, Matthew ensures our software is continually working to eliminate click fraud.

Neil Andrew
Marketing Director

After spending the early days of his career working in the paid search marketing department at a FTSE250 company, Neil quickly became a PPC expert. This lead him to run his own PPC agency helping businesses from all over the world use paid search to generate sales. Having spent years in the PPC industry, Neil has experienced the devastating effects click fraud can have on many businesses PPC campaigns. With little tools out there to protect businesses from click fraud, Neil co-founded PPC Protect to lead the way in click fraud prevention. Today Neil is the head of marketing at PPC Protect and works closely with industry related websites, blogs and companies to bring their attention to click fraud.

Alex Winston
Head of Design & UX

Alexander is the head of design at PPC Protect and is responsible for making sure users get the best experience when using our software. Having worked in digital marketing for several years, Alex has plenty of experience in overseeing the development of dashboards, websites and user panels. To help make his decision on what to incorporate into interfaces, Alex is a big believer in data driven design. By using statistical software such as R to crunch masses of data, Alex always makes sure he has the data to back up his decisions.

Mark Harrison
Head of Sales

As the head of sales at PPC Protect, Mark is responsible for building relationships and making sure clients get the most out of our software. After starting his sales career in computer hardware and technology, Mark has an exceptional talent for explaining the intricate workings of our software. Having found his new home at PPC Protect, Mark is most likely the first person you’ll be in contact with after finishing your trial. If you’re interested in what PPC Protect can do and how much money you can save, then Mark will be more than happy to explain it to you.