The Problem

Click fraud isn’t defined to any one industry, or any one geographic location. It happens all over the globe, across all industries. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fraudsters never stop. A recent study by attempting to investigate the scale of the bot-net and click fraud problem identified that less than half of all online paid advertising is ever seen by a human user.

Over the past 10 years the rate of click fraud has increased by an estimated 150%, and estimated annual losses have skyrocketed from around $6 billion to over $16 billion. Even worse: In some of the hardest-hit industries, up to 60% of all clicks are identified as fraudulent or coming from non-human sources.

click fraud cost graph

Our Core Principles

Total Honesty

We believe in a total, 100% honest approach to our service and our clients. We'll never upsell you a plan you don't need or won't benefit from and we'll never, ever go for a hard sell. We're here to benefit you and believe that our product speaks for itself.

Outstanding Support

Once you've signed up with PPC Protect our team of support heroes are right at your fingertips. No matter how big or small it may seem, we are here to help. Our support hub can answer most questions and our heroes are only an email away.

Full Transparency

We believe business should be transparent. That's why we don't hide behind anything. We're fully open about who we are, where we're based and who it is you're dealing with. After all, if you're doing business with someone, you have every right to know about them!

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Our Solution

Our solution is simple: we stop fraudsters from clicking your ads using our unique proprietary algorithm that actively blocks suspicious clicks and known fraudsters. By tracking the behavior and frequency of clicks from individual users, we can quickly determine if a click is genuine or fraud. Combine this with our extensive database of known fraudsters and you can feel safe knowing your ads are fully protected from any malicious activity.

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Our Team

Alex Winston Pop VinylAlex Winston Managing Director
Alexander Winston
Managing Director

Known for his love of fashion (and the colour pink) and colourful hair, Alex can be found showcasing the latest Hollister collection in the office. When he’s not taking advantage of Hollister’s 50% off deals, he runs the business by cracking his whip.

Alex previously ran his own marketing agency before realising the scale of click fraud on his clients. He then used his management skills to create a team of exceptionally skilled individuals to tackle this global problem.

Throughout the day you can find him working hard at his desk while arranging his Pop Vinyl collection and listening to Justin Bieber. We hope he approves of this bio or it might be too late to say sorry!

Neil Andrew Marketing Director
Neil Andrew
Marketing Director

Neil is the marketing manager at PPC Protect and spends a lot of time advertising our service on Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

When he’s not managing our PPC ads and updating our blog, Neil can be found watching Braveheart and drinking Irn Bru. He recently bought 500 cans off Amazon after the company announced they were stopping production of the original. Sometimes he likes to leave full cans of Coke and Pepsi around the office to show everyone how much he disapproves.

Although he’s Scottish, Neil doesn’t have a Scottish accent so we hope you’ll have no trouble understanding what he’s saying.

Segev Hochberg Customer Relations
Segev Hochberg
Customer Relations Director

Segev has a hands on job with our customers dealing with their support queries, running our affiliate program and ensuring the onboarding process is as smooth as possible.

When he’s not answering customers questions, Segev likes to throw some serious shapes at festivals such as Tomorrowland. If you’re a big fan of trance and Armin Van Buuren then Segev will happily spend hours telling you all his favorite tracks.

Segev also likes to spend a lot of time travelling around the world leaning other cultures and eating lots of food. He regularly ends up having his flights delayed or cancelled which probably explains why he spends so much time on FPS games like Call of Duty.

Andrew Swindlehurst Running ShoesAndrew Swindlehurst System Admin
Andrew Swindlehurst
Systems Administration

Andrew is our Systems Administrator & Data Analyst here at PPC Protect. He’s currently the second tallest person in the office at 6 foot 4 and is constantly trying to catch up to Mark.

One of Andrew’s greatest tricks is fitting into a Toyota IQ. If you’ve ever seen Jeremy Clarkson fit into a Reliant Robin, then you should know how impressive it is. He’s also got a masters degree in Physics which means he’s supposed to be intelligent. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Since Andrew spends most of his time running around the office and managing our systems, he often wears green running shoes to work. As you can imagine, they’re real head turners.

Mark Harrison Head of Sales
Mark Harrison
Head of Sales

Unlike regular people, Mark is ridiculously tall (6 foot 8 to be precise!) and we still think he’s growing…

If you give us a call or try out our free trial, Mark is likely the person you’ll be in contact with. Be sure to ask him how the weather is up there!

When he’s not dealing with clients in the office, Mark likes to relax by punching people in the face. Having competed in several amateur boxing and MMA competitions, he’s already got his eye on Anthony Joshua’s heavyweight belts. He also spends some of his free time shooting his shotgun at disks full of coloured powder.

Osman Karabulut DND MasterOsman Karabulut HR Manager
Osman Karabulut
HR Manager

Osman is our HR manager here at PPC Protect and is responsible for recruitment and making sure everyone is happy. Considering he plays a lot of the support role in League of Legends we think he’s pretty good at keeping people happy.

If you speak Turkish and need help with our service, then Osman is your man. Having lived in the country for several years he pretty much knows the country and language inside out. Eventually he decided to trade the sun and sand for the tropical climate of Manchester, which makes us question his sanity.

When not doing his HR duties or translating conversations, Osman likes to enjoy epic 10 hour sessions of Dungeons and Dragons, playing video games and writing his latest epic novel.

sam carr emojisam carr fraud analyst
Sam Carr
Fraud Analyst

Sam is our Fraud Analyst, responsible for gathering information on suspicious activity to help grow our ever-expanding algorithm that is then used to stop fraudsters. His other duties include being the office joker, supplying us with the most wholesome of memes and ensuring that the office doesn’t lose its lighthearted and productive tone.

When he’s not analysing fraud, Sam can be found utilising his creative talents by writing content for our website, or he might be found consuming his weight in pasties and pies.

Sam spends his free time watching movies and browsing Imgur for cute dog pictures to spam his friends with. He also enjoys unwinding after a long days work by playing a few matches of Overwatch; Which goes to show how patient he is, since most people would find getting yelled at by random strangers counterproductive when trying to relax.