Only Pay For Valid Users.

We combine the world's most robust database of invalid PPC click profiles with real-time cybersecurity monitoring to ensure only genuine users see your PPC ads.

automated click prevention platform

Eliminate Bad Traffic.

Protection Through Exclusion.

Using cybersecurity methods and real-time data analysis, we classify each ad click to determine what traffic should be excluded from interacting with your ads and prevent that traffic from even seeing them.

Fully automated machine
ppc protect dashboard
ppc protect dashboard legitimate clicks
ppc protect dashboard suspicious clicks
ppc protect dashboard invalid clicks
ppc protect dashboard
ppc protect dashboard
ppc protect dashboard


Track genuine, engaged user activity and use it to optimize automated bidding and targeting.


Things aren't always black or white. Track users that look risky without over-blocking.


When it's bad, we take action. Automatically eliminate invalid users across the whole PPC funnel.

What Clicks Are You Really Paying For?

Free 2 Week Traffic Check

Actionable Reports

2 Minute Setup

Powerful Self-Learning Protection.

How It Works.

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What People Say About Us.

Who We’ve Helped.

Norwegian Airlines

“PPC Protect identified and blocked $27,484 of fraudulent traffic on Norwegian’s paid search campaigns within the first two months of usage.”

Tom Pickard - Modo25

“Based on the numbers, I don’t see how using PPC Protect couldn’t be good value. The fee is so modest compared to what you could be saving.”


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