7 WordPress Landing Page Plugins to Increase Your Leads

No matter if you’re running an email or a paid ad campaign, landing pages are crucial to your campaign’s success.

The results you get from these campaigns often varies considerably depending on how tuned your landing page is. A poor landing page will usually have a high bounce rate with customers leaving before they ever convert. On the other hand, a good landing page will grab visitors attention and compel them to sign up and convert, which is exactly the aim of the game!

In order to make the perfect landing page, you need the right tools. With so many things to include on your landing page from buttons to headings and email fields, for a novice, it can be very confusing. Luckily, there are plenty of WordPress plugins and themes out there that take the stress out of building landing pages. With simple drag and drop visual editors, making high performing landing pages has never been easier. Even if you’ve never made one before, most of these plugins and tools come with pre-built templates to get you up and running even faster.

But with so many WordPress landing page plugins available out there, which ones should you try first?

To help you decide which landing page plugin is for you, we’ve rounded up 7 of the best ones. From plugins such as Thrive Architect, to themes such as Divi, there are plenty of plugins to choose from. Without further ado, here are our top WordPress landing page tools you must use in 2018 and beyond.

WordPress Landing Page Plugins You Need To Use

OptimizePress Plugin – $97

optimize press logo

The first of many WordPress landing page plugins on our list is OptimizePress, one of the most popular and used plugins out there. Available from $97 for one year of support and updates, it’s not exactly the cheapest plugin on our list, but it’s packed full of useful features.

The plugin itself comes with both a plugin and theme that work together to help you create whatever you want. It’s also possible to use OptimizePress to make your own membership portals in which users sign up and pay you a monthly subscription fee. However, we’ll just focus on its landing page features!

One of the main and most useful features of OptimizePress is its live real-time editor. With no need to refresh or preview the page, your changes update your page instantly, saving you the time of having to constantly reload pages. In addition to an excellent editor, the tool also comes with over 30 templates built it. If you’re not sure where to start with your landing page, then start off with a premade template and customise it to your liking. No matter if you want to create a sales page, free PDF giveaway, or a webinar registration page, all of these come included as templates within the plugin saving you valuable time.

To customise your landing pages even more, OptimizePress also comes with over 40 custom elements included. From order boxes, testimonial blocks, countdown timers to even progress bars, the built-in elements let you take your landing pages to the next level.

As standard nowadays, OptimizePress also creates completely responsive and mobile pages without any additional effort or work. Simply build your page as usual and it will automatically be converted into a responsive page.

Overall OptimizePress is a solid choice for any WordPress user wanting to make high converting landing pages. Filled with easy to use features and options, OptimizePress will allow you to convert your visitors into solid leads with minimal effort.

Plugin Features

  • Real-time editor
  • Fully responsive mobile pages
  • Integrates seamlessly into WordPress
  • Over 30 templates to choose from
  • Over 40 custom on-page elements
  • Membership portal option
  • Integration with other popular software

Thrive Architect (Landing Page Builder) – $67

thrive architect landing page plugin

Next up on our list of WordPress landing page plugins and tools is the impressive Thrive Architect (formerly known as Thrive landing pages). Part of the Thrive Themes pack, Thrive Architect is specifically for users who want to create amazing landing pages with as little effort as possible. With the ability to turn your ideas into pages at the speed of thought, it’s clear why this landing page plugin is so popular.

Available from the official Thrive store for $67, the plugin comes with free updates for life, as well as 1 year of continuous support. Compared to other landing page builders on the list, it’s a fairly low price, but that doesn’t mean it’s missing any features.

As standard nowadays, the builder comes with a visual editor where users can simply drag and drop elements onto the page. Not only does this make building landing pages super fast, but it also removes the tedious middle step of having to constantly refresh the page.

Also included with the builder is an impressive 224 landing pages from sales pages to webinar, and opt-in pages. If you’ve never built a landing page before and need some inspiration, then there’s plenty of that included. Not only are the pre-built landing pages tried and tested, but they can be adjusted to fit any niche or industry easily.

If you have plenty of experience at making landing pages then don’t think this builder is just for noobies; Thrive Architect also comes with plenty of advanced features. Some of Thrive Architect’s “advanced features” include things such as the ability to adjust column layouts from 1 to 3, or even 12 wherever you like. It also allows you to customise any fonts while adding attention-grabbing text and image combinations. With no programming knowledge required, you don’t have to be a developer to understand how things work simply drag stuff and make it happen.

With so many built-in plugins included with the Thrive Architect builder, you’ll be able to get rid of a lot of your old plugins. The benefit of this is that it helps you clean up your site and can actually boost performance. With over 6 custom plugins included, that means 6 fewer plugins you have to worry about breaking or having compatibility issues.

Overall Thrive Architect is a fantastic landing page builder that has all the essentials covered. If looking for a cheapish that will let you make landing pages as fast as possible, then look no further.

Plugin Features

  • Lightning fast visual builder
  • 224 pre-built landing page templates
  • Several plugins included for conversion optimisation
  • Flexible columns for any layout
  • Access to over 700 fonts
  • Hover effects
  • Mobile responsive editing feature
  • Included essential plugins

Elementor Page Builder – $49

elementor wordpress plugin

Moving on with our list of landing page builders, we have a not as well known tool, Elementor. Listed as the “#1 WordPress page builder” (like all the rest), Elementor is packed full of handy tools and options. Available for only $49, with 1 year of support and updates, Elementor is in everyone’s price range.

As you probably guessed, the builder comes with a drag and drop visual editor that lets users simply point and click with no coding. However, unlike other page builders on this list, Elementor is entirely open source meaning you can modify any edit any part of the plugin you require.

Included with the visual editor is the ability to customise any part of your layout aside from the obvious things such as changing the fonts. From changing the column style and widths to resizing the gaps and padding, the builder lets you create some very unique styles without the use of HTML.

As you’d also probably expect, Elementor also comes with plenty of pre-made templates and the ability to save your own for future use. Instead of starting from scratch, you can access hundreds of pre-optimised landing pages to save you time and lots of clicking. You can also save your landing pages and share them with clients or colleagues to make things easier.

Like all great visual page builders, Elementor also comes with plenty of custom elements and widgets to add even more functionality to your page. With prices tables, sliders, carousels and price lists all included, you can recreate literally any landing page from any other editor.

If you’re looking for a super cheap landing page builder that’s packed full of all the features you’d expect from others, then Elementor is the perfect choice for you. For only $49 you get all the features you’ll need to make incredible high converting landing pages.

Plugin Features

  • Open source
  • Fast to learn and easy to understand
  • Layout customisation
  • Included template library
  • Customisable widgets included
  • 400+ icons included
  • Mobile friendly and responsive design

Beaver Builder – $99

beaver builder landing page plugin

One of the most exciting page builders on our list has to be the Beaver Builder plugin. With a name like Beaver Builder, it instantly stands out and makes you want to know more. To put it simply: Beaver Builder is an excellent landing page builder that is currently used by over 100,000 websites.

Straight away you’ll notice that Beaver Builder is the most expensive landing page builder on our list coming in 2 whole dollars more than OptimizePress. However, what do you actually get for your 99 bucks? The answer? A lot! The first significant difference is that unlike many of the other page builders, your $99 license will allow you to use it on as many domains as you want. Other builders often limit you to just 1 domain, but with Beaver Builder, you can use it on as many as you want. Also included in your license is 1 year of support which is often essential for new tools and plugins.

With its simple to use visual editor, Beaver Builder allows you to create the landing page of your dreams in just a few clicks. Just click the screen and add an element or text, it’s as simple and easy as that. If you want to make it even simpler, then you could always just pick one of their pre-built templates and edit the bits you need.

Built for speed and optimisation, every landing page created with Beaver Builder is 100% mobile friendly and responsive. With mobile traffic steadily on the rise, it’s essential your landing pages look and load well on mobile devices and Beaver Builder makes sure that’s the case.

To summarise, Beaver Builder might seem an expensive option, but if you require a landing page builder for several sites, then it’s your best choice.

Plugin Features

  • Live visual editor
  • Mobile friendly and responsive designs
  • Tuned for SEO and speed
  • Use on multiple domains
  • Developer friendly
  • Translation ready
  • Works with almost any theme

Divi (Landing Page Builder & WordPress Theme) – $89 per year

divi wordpress theme

If you’ve been doing some research on the best WordPress plugins to create landing pages, then the chances are you’ve stumbled across Divi. A two-part system of plugin and theme, the Divi package takes the best of both worlds and allows you to create amazing sites and landing pages.

Available through the Elegant Themes subscription model, for $89 a year you get access to all of the Divi prebuilt themes and special plugins. In addition to all that, you’ll also get unlimited theme updates, premium support, and the ability to use the builder on as many sites as you want.

The visual builder included with Divi is just as impressive as all the others we’ve covered on this list. Simply drag and drop elements on the page whenever you want with no need to reload or refresh the page. Everything you see in the builder is customisable from the fonts, colours, and spacing between elements. With so much control over your web page, you can build some super impressive landing pages that will have users converting in no time.

Also included with the plugin are plenty of elements to add interactivity onto your web page. From call to action buttons to video sliders and even number counters, let your imagination run wild with these useful widget elements. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to design your site or landing page, then be sure to check out the 20+ prebuilt themes.

Another useful feature of Divi that isn’t seen on many of the other landing page builders is the ability to split test. With just a few simple clicks, you can easily simultaneously run two different variations of a web page at once. Once the test is over, you can determine which performed better and update your page to the highest converting one. If you want the highest converting landing page then this feature is essential for any budding marketer.

If you’re planning on making a brand new website and need a highly customizable theme, as well as landing pages, then Divi is the perfect choice. Not only can you create an entire website from scratch, but you can also use it for multiple sites.

Plugin Features

  • Real-time design editor
  • Customize everything you can see
  • 46 built-in content elements
  • 20+ pre-made templates
  • Huge community to share templates
  • Use on unlimited domains
  • Built-in split testing and conversion rate optimisation tool
  • Right to left support for languages

WPBakery Plugin – $45

wp bakery wordpress plugin

Another highly popular landing page builder we just had to include on our list is WPBakery. With a name like WPBakery, you can expect it to create some toasty landing pages! Available as a single license for only $45, WPBakery is by far the cheapest page builder on this list, but by no means the worst. Also included with the license fee are free updates and premium support for all users from Monday to Saturday.

One of the main features of WPBakery is that it includes both a frontend and backend page editor. If you’re not a fan of the visual drag and drop editor for whatever reason then you’re in luck, WPBakery allows you to use either to build the page you want. With an endless list of customisable features, you can finally take control of your pages without having to write a single line of code.

Another great feature of WPBakery is that it works with almost every theme out there. Simply install the plugin and start editing pages straight away. No additional setup or configuration. This means you can keep your existing theme and setup while editing specific pages.

If you are looking to customise a specific page, then you’re in luck. The page builder comes with over 50 prebuilt elements you can insert into your pages and customise as you wish.

As you’d expect, all designs and pages created by WPBakery are fully responsive and are coded to look beautiful on every device. This means no matter if your visitors are coming from desktop or mobile devices, they’ll get the same impressive experience.

If you’re looking for a super cheap and lightweight page builder that isn’t lacking on features, then WPBakery is a solid choice. With over 80 + layouts and templates included as well as the ability to work with any theme, you’ll have no trouble updating your site.

Plugin Features

  • Front end and back end WordPress editor
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Prebuilt elements and templates
  • Change your themes colour scheme with a few clicks
  • Extended API for custom features
  • Responsive designs
  • WooCommerce compatible

Leadpages – From $17 per month

lead pages plugin

The final WordPress landing page builder we have to mention is Leadpages, a professional landing page builder that can be used with many content management systems. Designed for use in platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Wix, Leadpages can make all of your landing page problems disappear overnight.

Available from the official Leadpages website, pricing for Leadpages comes in a variety of formats from a month per month subscription to a fixed 2 year discounted deal. If you’re a small business looking to swap over to Leadpages, then expect to pay from $17 a month to use the software. Unlike other landing page builders on the list, this is the only one with a monthly pricing subscription. As strange as it may sound, this pricing format allows Leadpages to invest in continually updating their services and creating new templates and features.

Speaking of features, you’ll be pleased to know Leadpages is packed full of exclusive landing page tools you won’t find anywhere else. With its built-in A/B testing suite, 1 click sign-ups and mobile opt-ins, Leadpages has a vast array of exclusive features to take your landing page to the next level.

If you’re looking for some very specific features from your landing page builder, then the chances are Leadpages has it. With its mobile opt-in codes, built-in payments and lead capture pop-ups, Leadpages has plenty of useful features you won’t find anywhere else.

Plugin Features

  • Mobile opt-in codes
  • Built-in payments
  • 1 click signup links
  • Lead capture pop-ups
  • Mobile responsive
  • A/B testing
  • Designed for conversion
  • Over 130+ templates included

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