How To Target Specific Areas In AdWords

Pay per click advertising is quickly becoming the go-to method for digital marketing. With the ability to pick which keywords and regions you want to target, PPC allows advertisers to reach their target demographic much easier than other methods of advertising.
One of the benefits of PPC advertising is that many networks allow you to target specific areas to display your ads for maximum return on investment.

If you’re a local business that wants to make the most out of your PPC campaigns, then you should know how to target specific areas. There’s no point advertising nationwide if you only operate in a particular area of a country. Instead of wasting your PPC budget you should focus all your advertising efforts on that specific area.

Thankfully with just a few tweaks in the settings you can easily target visitors in any area of your choice, here’s how.

adwords geo targeting

Target Ads to Geographic Locations

Adwords location targeting allows you to set your ads so that they appear in specific geographical locations. From countries to regions to a radius around a specific location, there are many ways to target users.

To select which areas, you want to target, first head over to your Adwords campaign tab. Once in this section select the name of the campaign you would like to edit and go to the settings tab.

Once you’re in the settings tab scroll down a bit until you see the locations section like below:

adwords geographic targeting 1

Now you’re in the location editor you can choose if you want to target a specific country, region, or postcode. Simply enter the area in the search box and a drop down list will appear like in the picture below.

If you wish to target a radius around a postcode or area, then select the radius targeting tab at the top to switch to that mode. The settings will also allow you to change the radius from 1 mile up to 20 or more:

adwords geographic targeting

To finish adding the location to the Adwords campaign press the add button next to the area and it will limit the PPC campaign to only display ads in your selected area:

adwords targeting

If you wish to target more than one area, then you can always go back and add more or change the location entirely.

If all of that went over your head and you need a bit more information, then don’t worry, Google Adwords support has a great help section full of answers!

Protect Your PPC Budget

Now you know how to target your ads to specific areas, make sure you don’t fall victim to click fraud.

Click fraud happens every day to thousands of Adwords users and costs advertisers millions a year. Since you have to pay for every single click, it’s vital that anyone who clicks your ad is a genuine user and not a robot or competitor. To maximise your return on investment, your PPC campaign needs to be closely monitored to make sure no recurring users are constantly clicking your ads.

By monitoring your PPC campaigns, you can block annoying time wasters who are depleting your advertising budget. The only downside to this is that the whole process can be very tedious and time-consuming. Luckily there’s an easier way.

Introducing PPC Protect, the simple and easy to use PPC campaign monitor that automatically detects suspicious clicks and blocks them from seeing your ads. With its built-in blacklist and click fraud detection, PPC Protect will save you all the time and hassle of manually blocking individual IP address from within Adwords.

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