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Our next generation click fraud prevention stops invalid & fraudulent clicks on your Google Ads campaigns. Say goodbye to bots and competitors eating your budget and hello to improved account performance.

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We stop harmful sources of traffic from even seeing your ads.

What Does PPC Protect Do?

We automatically send information about fraudulent traffic to Google Ads in real-time. That makes sure bots, competitors and other harmful traffic can't click your ads - saving you $$$.

bot click fraud

Bot Clicks

Up to 50% of internet traffic is non-human bots. We stop them from clicking your paid ads.

click farm ad fraud

Click Farms

Organised click farms can cost advertisers millions of dollars every month - we stop them.

accidental ad clicks

Accidental Clicks

Fat thumbs and mis-clicks cost millions per year, but not with PPC Protect - we stop them.

competitor clicking ads

Competitor Clicks

Shady competitors who love to click your ads & cost you money? Not anymore, we stop them.

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Here's What our Customers Say

Matt T PPC Protect Review Avatar

Matt Tomkin

Founder at Tao Digital

The software is easy to use, it helps our clients protect themselves from ad fraud and is generally a great tool for us to offer out to our clients as an add-on service.

Jacky C Click Fraud Software Review

Jacky Chou

PPC Consultant at Yando

PPC Protect is one of my favorite tools in my stack right now. It works flawlessly out the box and has resulted in significant cost savings for our campaigns.

Markus H Click Fraud Software Review

Markus Hüttner

Google Ads Expert

We compared every click fraud company out there and PPC Protect easily took first place. The results and savings on our budget is currently 20% and is increasing every month!

PPC Protect Gets Results

For too long click fraud detection has relied on simplistic rule setting, user based inputs, small scale sampling and simple analysis. We say it's time to change that. By utilizing our real time cybersecurity driven fraud prevention platform, PPC Protect can detect click fraud with incredible accuracy and faster than ever before.


Decrease in Bot Clicks


Increase in Traffic Quality


Decrease in Competitor Clicks


Average Platform ROI

*Average results measured from over 200,000,000 ad clicks in the last 6 months.

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