Trade Initiative Saves Money & Time With PPC Protect

Founded in 2017, Trade Initiative is a niche lead generation and software solutions company. They specialize in home heating businesses of all sizes operating throughout the UK. When it comes to lead generation for clients, Trade Initiative's main platform is paid search and PPC. However, the home heating industry is highly competitive, and click fraud is all too common.

Over £1,000

savings per month

2.7% increase

in traffic quality

In the home heating industry, click fraud is a very real problem. The costs to Trade Initiative’s clients in bad traffic and loss of leads can add up to significant numbers.

Trade Initiative’s co-founder Paul Grayson-Mather sums up the issue as follows: "In our industry click fraud is a bit of a myth to many. And some think when it does exist, Google takes good care of it. But the truth is the home heating niche suffers terribly from click fraud."

According to Paul, click fraud often stems from the rivalry between competing companies in the same local area.

"We once had a 17,000 clickthrough rate on an ad! Google investigated but ended up refunding just a few clicks. Companies tend to know that with the right tactic, you can do quite a lot of damage to competitors."

Trade Initiative is currently working with the police on a particularly sophisticated click fraud scam. A competitor deliberately targeted the ad campaign of Trade Initiative’s client, causing significant financial damage. The case is currently with the UK's Crown Prosecution Service, and a decision is pending on whether to proceed with what would be one of the first click fraud prosecutions in the country.

How PPC Protect Helped Trade Initiative

Trade Initiative has used various click fraud protection software in the past. However, none of the platforms satisfied their requirements for dealing with such aggressive click fraud.

For them, PPC Protect is the most complete solution in the market.

"With other providers, we've experienced problems with uptime, loading, and parallel tracking, especially on IOS devices," says Paul.

By contrast, PPC Protect’s platform offers superior results. 

"Plus, unlike other providers, PPC Protect keeps raw live data for 12 months or longer if requested," Paul adds.

And that ability to access unfiltered, raw live data is vital in the context of possible legal action.

"I personally couldn’t imagine not having PPC Protect in place for every campaign. We implement it on every single paid campaign that we do and will ever do. If you are managing a campaign on behalf of a client, you owe it to them to have it in place."

Paul Grayson-Mather - Co-founder

PPC Protect Is Central To Trade Initiative’s Service

For Trade Initiative's home heating clients, PPC Protect has been a game-changer. In an industry where click fraud is rife, PPC Protect safeguards against fraudulent clicks. The result for clients has been reduced spending on search ads and more genuine leads and sales.

PPC Protect is now a standard part of Trade Initiative's service to clients.

As Paul says, "We look to deliver to clients the best lead cost and the highest quality leads possible. PPC Protect allows us to do that."

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