Norwegian Air Shuttle Saves Ad Spend & Time With PPC Protect

Norwegian Air Shuttle is a Norwegian low-cost airline, and the largest airline in Norway, operating a fleet of 148 aircraft to 149 destinations across the globe.

$27,484 of

fraud detected

12.7% uplift

in traffic quality

Norwegian came to PPC Protect with the knowledge that their paid search campaigns were being impacted by fraudulent and bot traffic, but unsure of how to solve the issue.

Internal buy-in proved challenging to earn due to multiple stakeholders and corporate compliance all needing to approve the usage of PPC Protect’s software. Even so, the paid media team at Norwegian saw immediate value in PPC Protect’s offering and, without help, submitted a business use case for approval after seeing the significant savings to be had.

As a company operating in both the EU & California, it was vital that Norwegian chose a solution that adhered to the strict privacy and data compliance requirements of both locales.

Thanks to PPC Protect’s audited & approved compliance procedures, and our Google-validated API connection, Norwegian was easily able to integrate PPC Protect into their existing stack without compromising user privacy or risking any issues with GDPR & CCPA compliance.

The Solution

A complete click fraud prevention suite.

Working closely in conjunction with Norwegian’s paid media, performance marketing & corporate compliance teams, PPC Protect produced the necessary framework for integrating a complete click fraud prevention suite with minimal time investment.

First, PPC Protect identified the key integrations required to ensure an uninterrupted continuation of data flow with Norwegian’s internal systems. In this instance, that was a custom tracking integration created to support Search Ads 360 plus all associated data, and access to the advanced reporting platform for internal reporting purposes.

Next, the custom solution was integrated with the Search Ads 360 account and data flow established between PPC Protect & Norwegian’s campaigns, with a full QA and data auditing process.

PPC Protect’s machine learning algorithms then learned from Norwegian’s paid search data over the next 14 days, creating user profiles for legitimate, suspicious, and fraudulent traffic. These profiles were continually optimized over time using ongoing machine learning, which continues to this day.

Visitors matching fraudulent profiles were blocked in real time and those deemed suspicious continued to be monitored closely by the fraud detection algorithms.

Finally, weekly performance reviews & check-ins were established between the Norwegian performance marketing team & PPC Protect’s customer success team, to ensure the maximum possible benefit was received from the platform.

The Result

$27, 484 of savings in just two months. PPC Protect identified and blocked $27,484 of fraudulent traffic on Norwegian’s paid search campaigns within the first two months of usage.

Working from a baseline set our data in the travel & ecommerce industries, our machine learning algorithms continually refined over this time to produce an improvement in traffic quality of 12.7% by month two, with significant reductions in invalid traffic metrics.

In the first two months, Norwegian achieved an ROI on the PPC Protect platform of 11.6x, with a single month of savings covering almost one year of platform usage.

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