Interface NRM Filters Out Fraudulent Clicks With PPC Protect

Interface NRM provides a range of certification services to clients from ISO 9001 to ISO 45001. Having used PPC Protect for almost a year, Interface NRM have seen a significant improvement in traffic quality and average monthly savings.

Over £340

saved per month

5.83% improvement

in traffic quality

Located in Telford, Interface NRM is a UKAS and ASI Accredited Certification Body that specializes in helping clients achieve ISO certifications. With paid media being one of their primary marketing strategies to acquire new clients, they implemented PPC Protect to ensure their marketing budget was be directed to legitimate clicks only. Learn more about how marketing manager Amy Buckler discovered PPC Protect and her experience of using the platform below.

When Did You Become Aware Of Click Fraud?

I started working for Interface NRM in July of 2017 and started working on the PPC/website/digital marketing from the offset. It became quite apparent that this was a great way for us to market ourselves. 2018 saw a complete redesign of our website which again hiked the interest in the certification services we offer. Alongside these developments of course comes PPC to drive more traffic. The keywords we target are of a fairly high value, and have many many searches per month which is obviously great, but how do you ensure that all of these clicks are legitimate? Are they all going to give us a return on our investment to some degree? Or are we wasting our spend on malicious clicks? These were some of the questions we started to ask and where PPC Protect comes into the equation.

What Has Been Your Experience of Working With PPC Protect?

I must say that from the very beginning when we signed up the support has been great. A particular mention to Adam who has not hesitated in answering any questions I have had and is always a pleasure to talk to. You never feel as though you are being a burden.

I have also used their chat on Slack which I have found really useful. Trying to get answers out of Google/AdWords as to why your account is doing something odd can be very tricky. It is great to have somewhere to go and speak to like minded people who may/may not have experienced the same issue, but are always willing to offer up advice - great tool to have in your digital marketing toolkit!

“We rely heavily on paid search marketing to generate awareness and leads for our certification services. By including PPC Protect in our marketing stack, we can be rest assured our marketing budget and digital campaigns are always protected from fraudulent clicks.”

Dr Gavin Jordan - Director

What Made You Invest In Click Fraud Protection Software?

We spend a fairly substantial portion of our budget on pay per click ads so yes it is always a concern when it may be open to fraudulent use. If we're spending a significant amount on paid search ads then it makes sense to use a solution that will help validate our traffic and ensure we only pay for real users.

Why Did You Choose PPC Protect?

The platform appeared to be very easy/straightforward to use compared to other solutions and the responsiveness of PPC Protect was excellent, which was also a key deciding factor. 

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