Security and Protection

PPC Protect is trusted by over 35,000 Google Ads accounts from every corner of the globe, and in order to maintain that trust we have made every effort to ensure the complete confidentiality and security of all your data.

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Maintaining the security and confidentiality of your project-related data is our top priority

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99.997% uptime on protection

We promise to maintain an uptime of over 99.997% (measured monthly), and we’ve never failed this. We’re so confident that if we miss this target we’ll give you a week free.

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Serious data security

All of our domains provide secure access over HTTPS (SSL), only approved & audited members of our team have direct access to the live database and all access is logged.

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Your data, your rules

Every byte of information we collect is owned by you. We won’t copy, share, or modify your data - ever. You can request your data be deleted at any time.

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Trusted by thousands

Our software is trusted by companies to protect their PPC campaigns throughout every country Google Ads operates in. Our high standards in data protection and security mean we continually date your data security as one of our top priorities.

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User authentication and security

It doesn’t sound impressive if we simply state all of our accounts are password protected but we can guarantee all user passwords are stored in the database only after being passed through a one-way hash-and-salt technique (a standard practice for high security). In common tongue? We can’t see your passwords and we don’t store them in visible text.

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Data backups every few seconds

Real-time data replication ensures we always have your data backed up. We take automatic database snapshots every few seconds so you can have complete peace of mind that your data is 100% safe. We keep each of those automatic per-second backups for three days, more than enough time to recognize and fix any potential problem.

Bug Squash

Report a Bug

If you find a bug within PPC Protect that contains critical security vulnerabilities, please contact us immediately at Our development team will investigate the issue and, if necessary, issue an immediate hotfix to limit any potential exposure. All reports bugs that result in a hotfix being deployed will be rewarded through our bounty program.

Legal Action & Response

Any unauthorized or malicious access to the PPC Protect platform, its infrastructure or the data held by PPC Protect Limited will be met with the full force of all legal avenues and options available to the company. We take the security of our systems exceptionally seriously, and all user interactions with our software suite are meticulously logged. We reserve the right to terminate any user accounts that are engaging in unauthorized usage of the platform, or actions that may compromise the integrity of other user accounts.

Reward Rules

Critical security vulnerabilities that result in a hotfix being applied by our development team are eligible for our bounty program. This program provides a financial payment for reporting any critical issues and their associated fixes. Please contact us at for more information regarding this program.

Report a security vulnerability

As co-founder of PPC Protect I give you my word that we are completely committed to maintaining the security of your data. I guarantee that we will never share, resell, or manipulate your data in any way, and that I will continue to enforce strict data-safety rules in our company.

We would like you to see that we are not a faceless business, we are ordinary folk who are passionate and devoted when it comes to the safety of your ads.

Neil Andrew

Managing Director

Some of the most commonly asked questions

Got questions? We've got answers

Is PPC Protect safe & secure to use?

Yes. We are approved Google Ads developers and connect to your account via a Google approved & audited API connection. This means we don't take ownership of your accounts or have managerial access over them. Some of the world's largest companies use PPC Protect thanks to our secure connection methods, so you're in good company.

Does PPC Protect require scripts to be added to my site?

No. PPC Protect is designed to be entirely server-side, meaning all the heavy lifting is done during our click processing stage. There is no need to add tracking scripts to your website. We think that's pretty cool.

Do you support multiple domains per Google Ads account?

Of course we do! With PPC Protect you can ad as many domains as you want to each out. We'll only ever bill you on the ad spend you process through our platform, not the amount of domains or accounts you use.

What are your available payment methods?

We accept all major debit/credit cards, PayPal and invoicing payment terms. Both annual and monthly subscription methods are available depending on what suits you best.

What if i cut my Google Ads Budget to be lower?

If your Google Ads budget falls in to a lower plan then simply downgrade and you will receive a credit for any remaining time on your plan, which will come off your next invoice.

Do I have to sign a 12 month contract?

No. Annual contracts are available for users who wish to take advantage of them, but we also offer flexible month to month options with no commitment terms.

Do you support MCC accounts?

Yes. In fact, some of the world's largest media agencies use PPC Protect in their MCC accounts. There's no extra cost for adding an MCC account and our pricing is based only on the ad spend you process through the PPC Protect system.

What if my Google Ads budget goes over my limit?

We'll give you plenty of warning that you are approaching your limits and offer you the opportunity to upgrade to a higher plan. If you choose not to upgrade, your active protection will stop until your next billing cycle when your budget usage will reset.