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Give your clients a competitive edge with the ultimate in click fraud protection. Plus, use PPC Protect for free on your own ad campaigns.

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PPC Protect Viking Protector

Perfect for any Sized Agency

Unlimited Protection for Unlimited Accounts

Offer your clients a truly unique USP with cutting edge click fraud protection. Plus, agencies can use PPC Protect to protect their own ads for free.

The Sky is the Limit

Unlimited Budget Protection

Never worry about monthly Google Ads spending limits again with our unlimited protection plan. This enables you to protect as many clients as you wish without having to worry about package limitations.

All Clients in One Dashboard

Full MCC Account Support

Integrate as many accounts as you require with our full MCC account dashboard designed with agencies in mind. This is the perfect solution for managing clients and monitoring individual analytics across your account from one single place.

We Support your Growth

Dedicated Account Manager

Enjoy a dedicated account manager overlooking your account to ensure you’re getting the most out of our service and support your agency growth. We'll help you scale your PPC management services to new heights.

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Some of the most commonly asked questions

Got questions? We've got answers

Do I need to install scripts on my clients website?

Nope! PPC Protect is built to be entirely server-side. All we require is a Google Ads tracking template. That means we do all the heavy lifting of the click analysis. There is no need to install any javascript snippets or similar on your clients websites.

Are You GDPR Compliant?

Absolutely! User security is our number one priority and we take it extremely seriously when storing data. That’s why we use military-grade encryption to ensure all of our client’s data is safely stored.

Will it slow down my client’s site?

No. PPC Protect is optimized for speed and has been built from the ground up to ensure there are no delays or lag. With our huge worldwide CDN network and 100ms loading time, you won’t have to worry about added load times.

How many accounts can I protect?

With our agency plan, you’re free to integrate as many Google Ads accounts as you wish. Using our MCC account management dashboard you can control which accounts are protected and which are monitored only, giving you maximum control.

How much can I save?

Various factors determine how much you can save such as the average cost per click of a keyword, the frequency of clicks and your industry. As an average, we see most clients saving around 30% of their monthly budget with some industries saving a lot more.

Can I protect my agency ads?

All agency customers receive PPC Protect’s leading click fraud detection on their own ad campaigns completely free of charge. No matter if you spend $100 or $100k per month advertising your own agency, you’ll only ever pay for the client spend you want to protect.