Click Fraud

Click fraud is a massive problem in the pay per click marketing industry that currently costs businesses over $16 billion a year. These fraudulent clicks often go unnoticed, and businesses have no idea they are the victim of fraud before it’s too late. With so many incentives for users to click other people’s ads, having click fraud protection is starting to become an essential requirement for many businesses.

Our Story

PPC Protect was born after experiencing the devastating consequences of click fraud first hand from our own campaigns. After years of planning and testing, we finally came up with a surefire way to protect our ads from fraudulent clicks before they ever happened.

Since then we’ve taken our idea and turned into a standalone PPC tool which works with the largest PPC networks to protect users from fraudulent attacks. Since we use our software ourselves on a day to day basis, we’re continually looking at ways to improve it and add new features to make it even more effective.

Our mission is simple: to help clients protect their ads from criminals and to help make a real difference in the world. With advertising fraud rising year on year, we’re here to help companies recoup their fraudulent losses and stop it from happening again.

Our Team

Founded in 2016 by four industry professionals, our team brings together expertise across several different industries including design, engineering, sales, and marketing. Having spent years honing our individual crafts, we finally decided to team up and make our dream a reality.

Since then we’ve recruited various new members of staff and are continually looking to expand our team. To find more about our individual team members, head on over to our about us page, or take a look at our current vacancies.

Describing PPC Protect

Short Description

PPC Protect is a Google Ads management platform that protects users from fraudulent clicks.

Long Description

Pay per click ads are experiencing an unprecedented amount of fraudulent clicks in recent years. PPC Protect is fighting back against these fraudsters with our unique click fraud prevention technology.

Having spent over 18 months in development, PPC Protect has been built from the ground up to offer the highest level of protection on all pay per click ads. Designed to detect and stop fraudulent clicks before they happen, PPC Protects gives users the peace of mind knowing their budget is only being spent on genuine clicks.

Today businesses from all over the world put their trust in PPC Protect to protect their campaigns and improve their advertising return.


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