How Does PPC Protect Defend You From Click Fraud?

Claiming to prevent click fraud is a bold claim, but here at PPC Protect, we’re always true to our word.

To show you why we’re the industry leaders in click fraud prevention, we’re taking a look at what makes PPC Protect stand out from our competitors.

If you’ve ever wondered how PPC Protect works and how it protects your from click fraudsters, then today’s your lucky day!

We’re taking a look at the main features and steps PPC Protect takes to ensure you have the best possible protection against fraudulent clicks. You’ll discover what separates us from everyone else and how we can deliver an incredibly accurate detection rate.

Let’s start off with one of the most efficient click fraud detection features, auto IP blocking.

Auto IP Blocking Algorithm

ip blocking feature

When it comes to click fraud, fraudsters are always thinking up new ways to avoid detection. Back in the old days merely clicking on an advert would result in a charge to the advertiser, and they could repeat this until their IP address was blocked.

Nowadays fraudsters are getting a lot more technical and are regularly changing their IP addresses with proxies and VPN’s to avoid detection.

In order to combat this, PPC Protect features an auto IP blocking system which actively analyzes every incoming click to determine if it’s fraudulent or not. If it is determined fraudulent from the 126 different factors we analyze (more on that later), then that IP address is automatically blocked from seeing your ads.

This means fraudsters using botnets and other means to change their IP addresses will be instantly detected and blocked. Without the ability to see your ad, there’s absolutely no way they’ll be able to click it!

Not only does this save you money, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing your ads are fully protected, no matter what the fraudsters throw at it.

Wide Range of Fraud Detection Factors

detection rules

In order to achieve the highest level of click fraud detection in the industry, PPC Protect uses a range of 126 different factors to determine if a click is fraudulent. Each factor is weighted to give every user address a unique overall score. If they fail a lot of the detection tests and the score is too high, then they’ll be automatically added the block list. If they don’t reach the minimum score threshold, then they’ll still be able to see your ads. However, with factors monitoring the frequency, unique browser headers and other fingerprints, repeat clicks can quickly put a user on the block list.

By continually monitoring every individual click on your adverts using a range of detection factors, no longer can fraudsters evade detection by changing their IP. They might have a new IP address, but there are always other things that give them away.

In addition to our built-in click fraud detection rules, there is also the option to tweak these rules to your specific industry or niche. This means if you want the software to be stricter when it comes to blocking users then you can change it with a click of a button. On the other hand, if you think the rules are too strict for your industry and don’t want to risk blocking everyone, then you can always lower the settings. With PPC Protect, your level of protection is entirely in your hands.

24/7 Click Fraud Protection

27/7 protection feature

PPC Protect has been built from the ground up to ensure everything is 100% automated. Although there are some options, you can manually change yourself, the effect of these changes are instantaneous. This means no waiting for approvals or for our offices to open; everything works perfectly 24/7.

Our system also includes machine learning which allows our software to constantly learn and improve its detection rate. By actively analysing and learning from new data, this also allows us to improve our detection rate automatically. This means even at 3am when everyone is in bed; our software is actively protecting your ads from other robots while also learning at the same time.

With so much automation in the world, the only way to fight back against it is which automation itself. That’s why all of our systems run on autopilot to ensure you get the best protection in real time, even while you’re asleep.

Huge Database of Blacklisted IP Addresses

ip blacklist

One of the key features of our software is its vast database of blacklisted IP addresses. Having monitored thousands of ads from hundreds of clients, we’ve built up an extensive database of known fraudsters from each industry. This database of fraudsters allows us to make sure you don’t fall victim to some of the most prominent offenders.

With so much new data being analysed every day from our network of clients, our database is continuously being updated. This means we can stop fraudsters from seeing your ads before they decide to click on them, giving you maximum protection from click fraud.

Why wait for a known fraudster to click your ad before we block them, when we can block them straight away!

Enterprise Infrastructure

enterprise server

To ensure we can deliver the best click fraud prevention for all of our clients, our entire system is built from the ground up with enterprises in mind. No matter if you’re spending $500 a month on AdWords or $5 million, our system delivers the same lightning-fast protection for everyone.

Thanks to our worldwide content delivery network which has multiple servers located around the world, you won’t notice any lag or slowdowns like other services. With enterprise-grade servers to power our software, you can sleep easy knowing no matter how many clicks you get; our servers can handle it.

Protects You From AdSense Attacks

adsense logo

Another great feature of PPC Protect which gives us industry leading click fraud prevention is our ability to protect customers from AdSense attacks. Unlike other programs that only protect you from Google search click fraud, our software actively protects you from fraudulent webmasters.

Compared to the Google search network, the display network experiences a much higher rate of click fraud. This is primarily because your ad can be shown on any external website without your consent. With other 2 million different 3rd party websites in their network, it would be impossible to approve or decline each one.

Some websites in their network are high quality and will receive a lot of genuine clicks. However, depending on how much you pay per click, some websites will not be. This means there is a chance you will experience an unethical webmaster who will purposely click the ads on his website to make more money.

To give you the maximum protection, PPC Protect can shield your ads even on the display network. This means no matter what website your ads end up getting displayed on; you won’t fall victim to webmasters clicking their ads.

How Much Can You Save?

Currently, around 1 in 4 PPC clicks are fraudulent, with rates varying dramatically from industry to industry. Some of the most affected industries are often the most competitive such as insurance and finance, which can have fraudulent rates of 50%.

If you’re in an industry that experiences an average level of click fraud, then you can still benefit from having PPC protection. Imagine you spend a monthly budget of $2000 on AdWords, with 1 in 4 clicks being fraudulent; you would expect to lose around 25% or $500 every month to fraud.

With PPC Protect and our proprietary technology, we currently have a detection rate of over 90% with this number getting higher with every update. Saving 90% of your $500 that would otherwise be lost to fraud, and you would have $450 that could be spent on getting genuine leads.

To start your free trial and see how much you can save, click below to experience the full power of PPC Protect.