Unlock The Power Of Remarketing With AdWords

Pay per click advertising is a powerful tool that can be used to target specific users from all over the world. With numerous ways to target users from their location to device, PPC allows you to only pick the customers who are very likely to convert.

If you’re new to PPC advertising, then the chances are you’ve never heard of remarketing with AdWords. As strange as it may sound, remarketing is a powerful technique that can bring you plenty of highly targeted visitors. In fact, the chances of them converting is actually double that of a regular visitor and the cost per click is significantly cheaper.

Now we’ve got your attention, here’s what you need to know about remarketing with AdWords.

How Remarketing Works

how remarketing works

As mentioned before, there are plenty of benefits of remarketing with AdWords, but just how exactly does it work?

Remarketing helps you target people who have already visited your website but are still looking to purchase. Previous visitors to your website will be able to see your ads as they browse other websites that are part of the Google display network or search for related terms on Google.

Imagine a visitor happens to land on your website through Google or a PPC ad. You’re the first website they have visited, so they decide to go back and check out the competition to compare prices and products.

Once they leave your website a cookie will be stored on their computer which tells Google they have already visited your website before. If you have remarketing turned on in your AdWords campaign then every time the user visits another website with Google ads enabled, your ad will be displayed.

This is an excellent method to remind people about your website and even intercept them while they are on your competitor’s website. If your competitor has the Google ad network enabled on their website but hasn’t enabled remarketing or bid on any keywords, then your ads will be shown instead.

How One Company Increased Their Sales By 22% Thanks to Remarketing

remarketing case study

While on the topic of the benefits of remarketing with AdWords, we thought it would be interesting to explore a case study on the effects remarketing can have. Take Tirendo, a European online tire retailer who sell their products online.

Their main advertising method is through PPC campaigns, and they spend most of their annual advertising budget on maintaining and rolling out new campaigns. After a successful period of PPC campaigns, Tirendo wanted to take their advertising to the next level.

This involved investing in the remarketing feature provided by Google. To do this, Tirendo created a new campaign with targeted users who had previously shown an interest in their website. Seen as high-value customers, Tirendo was prepared to pay a little more to get these high-quality visitors to their website.

And the result? An increase in conversion rates by 161% compared to their regular PPC campaigns while reducing the average costs per order by 43%! Combining these both, remarketing with AdWords have seen the company’s turnover increased by 22%. Be sure to read more about the story of Tirendo and how they used remarketing to capture high-quality visitors.

With that said, let’s look at how you can enable remarketing in your PPC campaigns and take advantage of this awesome feature.

How to Enable Remarketing

google analytics remarketing

Remarketing can easily be enabled on any campaign with just a few tweaks.

If you want to learn how to enable remarketing on websites that are part of the Google display network such as your competitors and other websites then Google has an excellent guide on how to it.

If you want to enable remarketing on just Google search, then you’ll need to follow a slightly different path. Luckily Google also has an easy to follow guide for users who just want to focus on search ads instead of the whole display network.

By following these guides you’ll be able to take advantage of the power of remarketing and reap the benefits of highly targeted visitors. So, what are you waiting for? Give AdWords remarketing a try!

Want to learn more about Google Remarketing? Check out our guide on What Is Google Remarketing.

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