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If you are a SaaS tool, agency or website owner and wish to partner with PPC Protect then let us know - we love working with our partners!

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Here's What To Do

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Get in touch

Contact us via our contact page and our partnerships team will arrange a quick call to see what mutual opportunities are available.

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Tell the world

If we move forwards together as partners, we’ll be sure to tell the world all about it. Press coverage, PR, mailshots – you’ll benefit from our huge network of PPC marketers.



We’re looking for mutually beneficial partnerships that help both parties to grow. We’re a high growth, scaling SaaS business and we don’t look like stopping any time soon!

Long term partners

We’re not looking for a quick fling, we want to be together forever.

All our partnerships are mutually beneficial. We help you and you help us – and both our customers/readers win!

We are particularly looking for digital agencies, website owners and SaaS tool owners who are looking to rapidly expand their market share and customer base.

Our Partnership Manager

Meet Amar

He'll be your first point of contact and hold your hand through the scary times.

Not only will he help with your on-boarding, but he'll be with you every step of the way making sure you get the most out of our partnership program.

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Some of the most commonly asked questions

Got questions? We've got answers

Are There Any Fee’s Involved?

Nope! PPC Protect does not charge you for the pleasure of becoming one of our partners. We just want to offer more value to our clients by introducing them to other great businesses.

What’s In It For Me?

Besides partnering with an industry-leading platform?! ;) We will be introducing your company to our client base so there is huge potential for new business. We also offer a referral kickback so there is an opportunity to generate extra revenue for your business. It’s a win-win situation!

How Will You Promote Us To Your Clients?

We want to shout about our partners as much as possible. Social media posts, newsletter inclusions and maybe even a blog post or article if it’s relevant to PPC. We will also create a landing page for you so it’s easy for our clients to sign up to your service/product.

We’re also open to any ideas you may have - this is a partnership after all! ;)

What Are The Requirements To Become A Partner?

Just a few rules, but nothing too heavy:

  • You must be a registered business.
  • Be active in promoting our partnership. We will be.
  • Provide a nice incentive for our clients.
  • Just be cool people to work with.

Is There Any Commitment?

We just ask for a minimum of 6 months. If you want to be with us for longer, then great!

Help Us Stop Ad Fraud

Help us do something good, and we’ll help you to achieve your goals. The internet is a better place without ad fraud. Let us make that happen.

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