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The Most Expensive AdWords Keywords

Sam Carr

Sam Carr

December 30th, 2019

Sam obsesses over three things in life: Animals, Films and Marketing. We may have over exaggerated his love for marketing.

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PPC, as the name suggests, is all about paying per click. With millions upon millions of keywords out there, prices can range from as low as a few cents to as high as hundreds of dollars a click!

If you’ve ever been trying to setup a PPC campaign and thought “wow that keyword is expensive!”, then you should have an idea of how expensive these keywords can get. To give you the full story of what the most expensive AdWords keywords are, we’ve searched through thousands and thousands of keywords to find the most expensive ones.

The Most Expensive Keywords On AdWords

With fresh data straight from Google we’ve compiled the top 10 list of the most expensive AdWords keywords just for your viewing pleasure.

The next time you think a keyword is expensive, just think, it could always be worse! Read more about each of the top 10 keywords in detail below.

Top 10 Expensive AdWords Keywords Breakdown

mortgage adwords keywords

10 – Mortgage: Average Keyword Cost $96

The mortgage industry is big business and mortgage providers compete fiercely to win over customers. With cost per clicks reaching as high as $113.15 dollars, this shows just how competitive the industry is. With an average of $96 dollars a click, that might seem high but we’re only just getting started!

Most Expensive Mortgage AdWords Keywords

  • Largest reverse mortgage lenders – $113.15
  • Reverse mortgage lead generation – $91.97
  • What you need to get preapproved for a mortgage – $85.32

9 – Donate: Average Keyword Cost $99

This might seem like a strange keyword to pay a high price for, but when you take a closer look at the keywords, it seems to make more sense. Scrapping a car can be expensive for the owner but can yield a nice profit for automobile scrappers. Dealers pay high prices to try and convince people to donate their old cars which they can then either sell on or scrap for a handsome profit.

Most Expensive Donate AdWords Keywords

  • Donate automobiles – $112.19
  • To donate a car – $92.65
  • San francisco car donations – $92.32
loan keywords

8 – Loans: Average Keyword Cost $153

Like any type of banking, lots of money can be made from banking services, especially with business loans. With referral fees and commissions up for grabs, it’s no surprise that loan keywords have an average cost of $153 dollars. The next time you’re looking for a loan online, just think about how much your click could cost someone.

Most Expensive Loans AdWords Keywords

  • Fbc home loans – $198.20
  • Loans for small business with no credit – $137.74
  • Auto title loan san diego – $124.50
hosting keywords

7 – Hosting: Average Keyword Cost $199

Hosting is a crucial part of the internet and without hosting there wouldn’t be any dedicated web servers or more importantly, websites. With large websites spending thousands of dollars a month on web hosting it’s not uncommon for companies to invest lots of money into their marketing strategies. In this case, you can see hosted call centers seem to be the new hot trend and businesses are spending up to $252.51 dollars per click!

Most Expensive Hosting AdWords Keywords

  • Hosted call center solutions – $252.51
  • Hosted call center – $183.82
  • Dedicated server hosting australia – $163.66
degree keywords

6 – Degree: Average Keyword Cost $203

If you’re thinking of doing a degree then there are lots of different universities to choose from. With every university competing to get you to join their course it can be a very competitive market.

As you can see, universities are prepared to pay up to $214.28 dollars a click just to convince you their university is the right choice for you.

Most Expensive Degree AdWords Keywords

  • Distant learning degree – $214.28
  • Business marketing management degree – $207.58
  • Online bachelor of education degree – $188.49
claim keywords

5 – Claim: Average Keyword Cost $238

If you’ve ever had an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you might be able to claim some money! In the USA legal fees can be very expensive but they also pay huge amounts to people in the legal profession. Since lots of different legal firms are competing for client’s business, it only makes sense that the keywords are very expensive too.

Most Expensive Claim AdWords Keywords

  • Statute of limitations on mesothelioma claims – $274.07
  • Csaa insurance claims – $251.49
  • Car accident claim settlement – $188.85
credit adwords keywords

4 – Credit: Average Keyword Cost $256

Similar to the loans keyword, credit is another industry that involves very expensive keywords. With the average keyword costing $256 dollars, it requires an enormous ROI in order to justify spending that much on a single click. If a company can afford 10 clicks before they make a conversion and still make a profit, then the credit industry sounds like the place to be!

Most Expensive Credit AdWords Keywords

  • Ut transfer credit – $277.22
  • Transfer credit ut – $264.09
  • Business line of credits – $228.38
insurance adwords keywords

3 – Insurance: Average Keyword Cost $359

Since every car, home, phone, and bike need insurance to cover them from accidents, it’s no surprise that insurance keywords can reach up to $420.29 a click. As you can see from the top 3 most expensive keywords in this industry, they are all related to cars and their insurance. Since car insurance is a legal requirement in many countries, it’s easy to see why.

Most Expensive Insurance AdWords Keywords

  • Auto insurance troy mi – $420.29
  • Car insurance comparison quote – $342.54
  • Cars with cheapest insurance rates – $316.47
attorney adwords keywords

2 – Attorney: Average Keyword Cost $499

The legal profession has always been an expensive industry, and its keywords are no different! With scores of people searching for attorneys all over America, businesses want to do everything they can to attract clients and get business.

As you can see from the list above the most expensive keywords are targeting customers from Orange County, Houston and Rancho Cucamonga in America.

Most Expensive Attorney AdWords Keywords

  • Accident attorney rancho cucamonga – $548.48
  • Mesothelioma attorney houston – $545.84
  • Motorcycle accident attorney orange county – $404.05
lawyer adwords keywords

1 – Lawyer: Average Keyword Cost $564

The number one spot on our list goes to the legal profession again! With an average keyword cost of $564 dollars per click and the highest cost per click on our list of $584.44 dollars, the lawyer keyword is clearly the winner.

Considering that in many civil courts the losing party must pay all legal fees for the other party, these businesses can afford to pay for expensive keywords and still make money.

Most Expensive Lawyer Keywords

  • Car accident lawyer moreno valley – $584.44
  • Ft lauderdale car accident lawyer – $566.17
  • Auto accident lawyers in chicago – $542.95

As you can see there are some pretty expensive keywords out there! With some keywords costing hundreds of dollars per click, you really need to make sure that every click counts. In industries with such a competitive market, it’s only a matter of time until you experience click fraud.
Other competitors in your industry will purposely click your adverts in order to deplete your PPC budget and waste your money. As unethical as it may sound, it’s a popular tactic used by thousands of companies.

Google have tried to implement an anti-click fraud feature, but it doesn’t work great. We’re not saying Google did a bad job on purpose, but it is important to remember that Google makes 97% of its profits of PPC advertising and every click makes them money.

To combat click fraud, you need PPC protection.

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