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It’s here! 🎉 Introducing PPC Protect v3.0

Neil Andrew

Neil Andrew

September 2nd, 2020

Neil is Scottish so when he's not writing for PPC Protect he's eating haggis and watching Braveheart.

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To check out the latest version be sure to head on over to your PPC Protect dashboard where our virtual guide is waiting to walk you through the new experience.

After 12 months of sleepless nights, more lines of code than we care to count and a whole bucket-load of coffee (and the occasional tea, we are British after all) it’s finally here….

We’re delighted to introduce PPC Protect v3.0 – the next evolution of the PPC Protect platform!

Some of our lucky users have already been helping us to test this latest release (and a huge thank you to you all!), but for those who haven’t seen it yet your day is about to get a whole load better.

Let’s dive right in to what’s new and what it means for you.

Quick overview

Here’s a quick list of the most important things you need to know in v3.0.

  • We’ve totally refreshed the design to bring a modern, easier to use feel to the platform.
  • We’ve re-written the entire back-end logic of the system and database structure – that means greater speed, greater efficiency and a more pleasant experience.
  • Real time account notifications are now available for critical and important issues.
  • An audit log is now available to see who made what change, and when.
  • You can connect multiple Google Ads accounts that don’t belong to the same MCC, all to the same PPC Protect account.
  • You can view your savings in different currencies per account – no more converting it all to $USD!
  • Don’t like the look of a click? Block it in real time with a single button.
  • Improvements to filtering, data exports and PDF generation.
  • A new customer support platform & virtual platform guide.

This is the biggest update we’ve ever done to PPC Protect, and it lays the foundations for some really exciting features over the next few months and beyond.

Let’s dig in to it all in more detail.

A refreshed design

Our old dashboard wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Now though… now it’s great.

We’ve rebuilt it from the ground up to be faster, more lightweight and to give you more information right where you need it.

Re-written back end logic

We’ve reworked the entire back-end code of the PPC Protect system to bring massive improvements to stability, speed and usability.

Pages load faster, data exports hit your inbox sooner and everything just feels so much better. We’ve also updated our invalid exclusions logic for even faster & more accurate exclusions.

Over the course of 12,271 exclusion tests the average time from the ad click to the exclusion list being populated was 1.9s. That’s fast. Really fast.

In fact, it’s over 1,500% faster than other click fraud prevention solutions we benchmarked against that batch exclusion requests – meaning those bad guys have less chance to click your ads.

Account notifications

Never lose an important account alert again.

Now you can get real time notifications when something happens with your PPC Protect account.

That means things like your authentication token expiring, your budget limits approaching or your data not being processed as expected.

Audit logs

Ever wondered who made that change in your account? Well wonder no more thanks to our new audit logs.

Every important action in your PPC Protect account is logged against the user who carried it out, so you always know exactly what was done and when.

Multiple accounts without an MCC

You asked. We listened.

Now you can add multiple Google Ads accounts to PPC Protect without connecting them to the same MCC.

Simply go through the account connection process for each account you want to add. You can then easily view all the data in one single dashboard.

View your savings in local currencies

Do you manage multiple accounts in different currencies?

Then you’ll love this one.

Now you can view & report on your account savings in each local currency. No need to convert everything to $USD anymore!

Block clicks with a single button

Don’t like the look of a click even though the system marked it as legitimate?

Well, no problem!

Just hit the block button and we’ll instantly block that user from seeing your ads again.

Filter & export improvements

Filter & export data faster than ever before thanks to substantial improvements in our data filtering structure.

Export CSVs of click data or produce branded PDF reports for your clients.

Want to go one step further? Just ask our team about access to our advanced client reporting platform.

A new customer support platform

We admit, our old customer support platform wasn’t fantastic.

Whilst our team always gave amazing service, the platform we used was a bit limited and didn’t allow us to easily access the information we needed.

Now, we’ve changed that. We’ve invested heavily in Intercom – the leading customer engagement platform – to really bring our support to the next level.

Try it for yourself by reaching out to our team with any questions you might have!

A virtual platform guide

Not sure where to go or what a certain feature does?

Just log in to your dashboard now to experience our new virtual platform guide. It will walk you through all the latest updates and what they mean for you.

We’ll be expanding this significantly over the coming weeks with brilliant new walkthroughs and guides!

Fair billing update

Whilst this isn’t related to our dashboard itself, it’s still very important to mention.

We’ve updated our fair billing policy to better represent our values and where we stand.

In short, we’ve made a pledge to always look out for our users interests – even if it isn’t commercially valuable for us. View the updates to our policy here.

Where do we go from here?

PPC Protect v3.0 lays the foundations for our future development roadmap.

We’ve got some extremely exciting features coming over the next few months (including some that aren’t quite ready to launch yet, but are mostly built) so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

We’re also committed to releasing regular patch notes for all our users to help bring you up to speed with exactly what we’re doing and why.

In the meantime, head over to your PPC Protect dashboard to try out v3.0 and let us know if anything doesn’t work quite how you want it to. We’ll jump on it and get it fixed for you.

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