How PPC Protect Works

ad fraud click

1. The Click

The click on the ad (search network, shopping or display) passes through our monitoring funnel in under 100ms – so fast that the user doesn’t even notice it.

2. Data Collection

When passing through the monitoring funnel we collect over 100 pieces of unique data, including IP address, device ID, resolution, user agent, location and more.

3. Data Analysis

We analyze and cross-reference this data in real time with our existing bank of fraudulent devices/activity, as well as using machine learning to identify new fraudulent activity not seen before.

4. The Algorithm

If our algorithm detects that the click was fraudulent, that user is blacklisted and can no longer see your ads.

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google ads blocked ip

5. The Blacklist

Blacklisted users are blocked within Google Ads by adding them to a blacklist via the Ads API.

6. Avoid Limits

Our unique “Threat Level” detection technology means that Google Ads 500 IP limit in the blacklist isn’t an issue – we ensure it’s always populated with the IPs most likely to commit fraud.

7. Continued Protection through Device ID

Even if the fraudulent attacker/device changes IP you are still protected thanks to our device ID tracking systems.

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24/7 click fraud protection

24/7 Protection

Full protection with no downtime

PPC Protect click fraud protection works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our automated systems can detect and prevent click fraud with unprecedented accuracy – saving you up to 30% of your Google Ads spend.

What We Protect Against

competitor click fraud


Our algorithm uses data to stop competitors from maliciously clicking your ads to deplete your budget.

ad fraud hackers


Our software protects you from users trying to spoof their activity by masking fraudulent ad traffic as legitimate.

non-converting ad clicks

Non-converting Users

Don’t let users consistently clicking your ads who have no hope of ever converting drain your PPC budget.

publisher ad fraud

Malicious Publishers

Avoid losing out to publishers in the Google Partner/AdSense network who inflate ad clicks on their publisher sites to earn more money.



We’ll protect you from Botnets who create fake ad traffic en-masse to cost you money or make money on their own fraudulent publishing sites.

angry customer

Disgruntled Customers

We stop people taking time out of their busy schedule to maliciously click your paid ads because of a bad experience they’ve had with you.

Expert Support & Help

Our friendly support superstars are always here to answer any of your click fraud queries or questions.

It doesn’t stop there though! We’re also here to help you with any general Google Ads, PPC or paid marketing questions you might have. We just love to help!

With 24/7 email support on hand for all users every step of the way, you can be sure you’re in good company with PPC Protect.

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Install In Just Three Easy Steps

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2. Simply Copy & Paste our Code

Head over to the integration section of the dashboard and copy/paste our code.

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3. You’re now fully Protected

That’s it! Our algorithm will now monitor your campaigns and protect your spend.

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