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Google Introduces Call Ads With Website Links

Neil Andrew

Neil Andrew

April 24th, 2020

Neil is Scottish so when he's not writing for PPC Protect he's eating haggis and watching Braveheart.

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For any marketer serious about battling click fraud, call-only ads have always been an annoyance. They don’t use tracking templates and they don’t lead to website clicks.

Historically, that has meant lots of fraud with little way to combat it.
Now, that’s all changing.

Google has just announced that “Call Ads” (a rebrand of “call-only ads”) will now support optional website links. At last, a way to track the users on our call ads!

It looks like calls themselves won’t utilize tracking templates yet, but the addition of website clicks is a step in the right direction.

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What Does This Mean For Advertisers?

Advertisers using this new function will also benefit from increased visibility on the search results page.

This is because the “Visit Website” link makes your ad bigger overall, taking up more space above the fold. Having that top spot is going to be more crucial than ever!

By tapping on the “Visit Website” link, users are taken directly to the advertiser’s site. Note that any clicks on the headline will still lead to a call, not a website visit.

Will This Stop Click to Call Fraud?

Google claim this will reduce the number of accidental calls received by advertisers and improve the quality of leads. This is because you can now engage and interact with users who don’t want to call you yet.

However, calls still cannot be tracked at the user or IP level and so we still expect click fraud to be a significant problem on these campaigns.

How Can I Start Using Call Ads?

Using the new Call Ads is easy. Simply insert a final URL when you create a new call ad. The “Visit website” link will then automatically appear on these ads.

If you have existing call ads, you can now upgrade these by adding a final URL to them.

To find out more about Call Ads, check out Google’s help center article by clicking here.

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