Is Google AdWords Worth The Money?

Pay per click networks such as Adwords have been around for many years, but small businesses have only recently started to take advantage of what PPC can offer.
Often seen as an expensive and complicated option, PPC is far from either.

With numerous online marketing methods from banner advertising, email marketing to social media, why should you choose PPC over the other options?

To show you the power of PPC marketing and how it dominates the other methods, we’ll compare pay per click advertising to other forms of marketing and explain why it beats them every time.
If you’ve ever been sceptical about using PPC for your business, then this is a must read.


ppc vs cpm

If you’ve been doing online marketing for a while, then the chances are you’ve ran into some form of cost per impression advertising. CPM usually relates to banner advertising on websites where publishers will charge the advertiser per 1000 impressions.

Recently banner advertising on videos sharing websites such as YouTube have become popular as they can be used to target a particular demographic easily. With CPM advertising available everywhere, it can seem like an excellent choice.

CPM advertising might sound like a good idea due to its fixed cost, but that’s actually the problem with it.

Since you are charged a fixed fee for every 1000 views, this means you must pay regardless if the user sees your advert or not. If your advert is small or below the fold, then the chances of a user seeing it is very small yet alone clicking it.

In fact, most of the time a user will never even see your advertisement due to things such as adblockers. This means your ads will waste away in cyberspace and will never really bring you much traffic. In addition to this with the skewed statistics, you’ll have a hard time working out how much it cost you to generate a lead and if it’s even worth it.

Luckily there are other options.


ppc vs seo

Google is by far the largest and best search engine in the world.

If you want people to find your business, then you want to make sure you appear on Google.

Ranking on Google can take months of effort and a lot of money spent on maintaining and optimising your website. For billion dollar companies where money is no limit, this is not a problem. However, for smaller businesses it can be very expensive and their advertising budget can usually be spent in better ways.

PPC advertising on the other hand can be set up within minutes, and you could be number 1 on Google with just a few clicks. Why spend months slowly climbing the ranks when you can be number and start getting traffic instantly?

With PPC you can have several campaigns for several different keywords all which can bring you traffic within minutes of setting them up. Not to mention with thousands of keywords out there you can be getting genuine visitors for as little as a few pence.

When time is money, do you really have the time and patience to climb ranks on Google?

How Much Does PPC Cost?

A common misconception about PPC is that it is expensive. Of course, there are plenty of expensive keywords out there with hundreds of competitors all bidding for the top spot. However, at the same time there are also thousands of long tail keywords which can be picked up for as little as a few pence.

You might not be getting the number of visitors as the bigger keywords, but if you capture enough of these long tail keywords you’d be surprised at how many visits you get.

So, is PPC worth the money? Most definitely, you just need to know which keywords to target and which to avoid depending on your budget.

Save Your Money

Now you understand why PPC advertising is the best before you go out and launch some new campaigns you should look at click fraud detection software.

PPC advertising only works when the users clicking on your ads are genuine. Every time a robot or competitor clicks on your ads you will still be charged for the visit even though they have no intention of ever buying!

Commonly known as click fraud, this fraudulent activity has become a nightmare for many PPC advertisers as it increases the cost to capture a genuine visitor. With costs on the rise due to competitors and non-human traffic, it can come to the point where PPC campaigns are not worth the money.

To stop your competitors from wasting your PPC budget and “clicking you to death”, you need PPC protection.

Designed by digital marketers, PPC Protect is the ultimate protection tool for all of your Adwords campaigns. With the ability to automatically detect suspicious behaviour from users, PPC Protect can block offending users from continually clicking your ads. This means you save money and your PPC budget lasts longer!

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