Is Google Adwords Worth It?

By Neil Andrew
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Google AdWords is by far the largest PPC network out there and is used by millions of businesses worldwide to help drive traffic to their websites. If you’ve never used it before, then you’re probably wondering “is Google AdWords worth it?”. To put it simply: YES IT IS. However, you probably need some more convincing than that right?

To convince you Google AdWords is worth the cost we’re exploring what makes AdWords so powerful and effective when used with businesses. If you’re not sure if AdWords is for you, then we’ve put together an interesting article to show you how you can benefit from AdWords. Let’s get right into it.

Quick Results


One of the best things about Google AdWords is that the results are pretty much instant. As soon as you’re campaign has been approved then you can start receiving traffic in a matter of minutes. Simply enter the keywords you want to target, enter a bid, and you’re good to go. Then you just sit back and watch all the traffic flow to your website. This means you can start getting sales on the same day you start your campaign.

Unlike other digital marketing methods such as SEO, this means no waiting around. You also don’t have to commit to any contracts which means you won’t have any money tied up in marketing. Instead, you’ll be free to adjust your marketing costs at any time by increasing or decreasing them.

Almost Unlimited Potential

unlimited potential

If you’re looking for a scalable marketing strategy, then Google AdWords is the perfect solution. With millions (if not billions) of keywords available to bid on and new ones being made every single day, you almost have an unlimited audience to target. With so many keywords to take advantage of, you can keep adding new keywords to your campaign to increase your traffic.

Once you have a profitable PPC campaign, you can always increase the campaign’s daily spend to generate more clicks. Since keywords are ranked on a bidding system, by paying more per click you essential increase you position on the homepage. If you are currently in position 4 and increase your average spend then you could jump up to position 3 or 2. The higher up you are on the rankings means the more clicks and more traffic you’ll get.

Amazing Analytics


Google AdWords has an amazing array of analytics and charts built into its software that allows users to see how well their campaigns are performing. The statistics cover everything from average cost per click to advert position and even conversion rate.

By having all of these analytics at your fingertips, it can help you make decisions on where is the best place to spend your money. If you currently have a very high converting keyword then it’s probably best to increase your spend for that word. You could always try and start a new campaign with new keywords, but if you already have the statistics saying your campaign is successful why bother? Just increase the daily spend of your current campaign, and you’ll move up on the ad position which in turn will give you more traffic.

Can Stop At Any Time


One of the other benefits of Google AdWords and PPC in general is that if your campaign isn’t profitable, then you can stop it at any time. Other marketing techniques such as SEO and print marketing often require businesses to commit for several months. This means if you sign a 6 months SEO contract and don’t see any improvements after 3 months, you’ll still have to continue paying.

With Google AdWords however, you can stop a campaign in a matter of seconds and even pause them if you want to enable them later. This gives you a lot of flexibility and the ability to control your finances even better. That means no contracts, no fixed terms, and no wasting money.

Get A Leg Up on Your Competitors

No matter what industry you are in, you’ll always have competitors that are constantly trying to steal your traffic. No matter if they’re running similar PPC campaigns or doing SEO, the competition will always be fierce. Luckily Google AdWords gives you the option to outdo your competition, all for the right price of course.

If your competitors are investing a lot of money in SEO to get to position 1 on Google then you can easily beat them with a PPC campaign. By bidding enough on a keyword you can jump above the organic search results and outrank your competitors who are spending lots of money on SEO. If they’re already running a PPC campaign, then you can always outbid them and push them below you. Not only will this make them lose traffic and clicks but all those visitors will now visit your website instead.

Increase Your ROI


Google AdWords is only worth it if you ads receive genuine clicks from interested customers. Unfortunately, in the PPC world a lot of clicks are often fraudulent, and the users often have no intention of ever buying your product or services. This can obviously cost you a lot in the long run and greatly increase your average cost per conversion.

To stop this from happening to your campaign, you need PPC protection. Here at PPC Protect, we help clients stop these fraudulent clicks by protecting all of their ads. To see how much money you can save on your PPC campaign, visit our website for a free 30-day trial.

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