Click Fraud Busting Features You Won't Find Elsewhere

We've built the world's first truly automated click fraud prevention system. It's packed full of fraud busting features you won't see anywhere else to supercharge your Google Ads account and provide massive ROI.

A Fully Featured Click Fraud Prevention Suite

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Advanced AI

Our self-learning system uses AI for super advanced fraud blocking.

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24/7 Support

Quickly solve any problems with our global 24/7 email & phone support.

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Advanced Analytics

Get a deeper insight in to where your ad spend is going and where fraud is.

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Expert Account Manager

Your account manager is always on hand to maximise your protection.

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Whitelabel Reporting

Create beautiful reports, branded for your agency or business.

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99.997% Uptime SLA

Avoid any downtime with our global CDN & 99.997% uptime SLA.


Block Only Bad Traffic

For too long click fraud prevention has relied on limited IP frequency blocking. Our award winning analysis & detection capabilities go far beyond this, analysing hundreds of unique parameters to ensure you block only truly fraudulent traffic without over-blocking. Best of all, it only takes a single line of code.

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Block Fraudsters Instantly & Automatically

Blacklists can be useful, but they age quickly. That's why we’ve implemented one of the most effective automatic IP blocking systems around that combines hourly updated blacklists with heuristic, real time analysis. PPC Protect will automatically determine when click fraud occurs and block that IP from ever seeing your ads. Clever – and it saves money too!

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Add As Many Users as You Need

Need to give your team access to your dashboard for reporting or monitoring purposes? No problem! We allow an unlimited number of users per account with every PPC Protect plan!

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The Sky is the Limit

Need to protect more than one website with PPC Protect? No problem! You can easily add multiple domains in your admin dashboard. We'll only ever bill you on total ad spend, not the amount of domains you choose to protect.

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We Get More Accurate With Every Click

The time for user defined & simplistic rules based detection is over. We're ushering in a new age of totally automated, self learning fraud detection. Our systems get smarter with every click they process - and their accuracy is unrivalled.

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Integrate With all Google Ads Solutions & Platforms

PPC Protect integrates seamlessly with all third party Google Ads bid management, tracking & targeting solutions. Whether you use Search Ads 360, Marin Software, Kenshoo, CallRail, HubSpot or anything else, PPC Protect will integrate with your existing stack and continue to monitor all paid search traffic whilst leaving your existing platform data exactly as it is.

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Data Security at our Core

We are fully GDPR & CCPA compliant. User data security is our number one priority, and we take it extremely seriously. All user data is stored with military grade encryption and you retain full and complete ownership over your own user data at all times.



We Keep Your Google Ads Account Safe

In a world of increasing cybercrime and security threats, protecting your account and personal data has become more important than ever. That’s why we connect directly to your Google Ads account with our approved & fully audited API access. Every interaction is logged, stored and able to be audited at any time.

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