AdWords vs AdSense – What’s The Difference?

By Neil Andrew
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AdWords vs AdSense – What’s The Difference?

If you’re new to the PPC industry, then you’ve probably heard the terms “AdSense” and “AdWords” used frequently but no real explanation of what they mean. Although they are both run by the same company and are both a form of PPC, they are aimed at entirely different users.

As someone new entering the PPC industry, it’s vital to know the difference between the two and how they can be used to make the most from Google’s ad network.

So what exactly is the difference between the two and how should they both be used to get the most out of your website?

Let’s start with an overview of AdWords.

What Is AdWords?

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AdWords is a service by Google that is primarily aimed at advertisers who want to use Google’s vast ad network. This means anyone who has a good or service to sell, business to promote or message to get across, can benefit from the use of AdWords.

Advertisers bid against each other for certain keywords relating to their product or service. For example if someone is selling clothes and apparel then they might bid for the keyword “men’s clothes”. Whoever is the highest bidder will have their advert displayed first throughout Google’s ad network depending on their campaign settings. With so many advertisers competing for the same keyword, some of the prices per click can reach insane amounts.

Every time a visitor clicks one of the adverts then the advertiser will be charged for the click, hence the name pay per click! This continues until not enough people click the ads, the advertiser stops the campaign, or runs out of money.

Advertisers can get really advance with their targeting methods and can target people in a certain location, area or country using Google’s marketing tools. This helps smaller businesses maximise their investment by only targeting important customers in a particular area. After all, what’s the point in attracting visitors from mainland Europe if you only ship to customers in the UK?

By using Google’s AdWords service, many advertisers and businesses have had great success increasing their online marketing efforts and overall profit. Although there are plenty of other PPC competitors out there (like Bing Ads), AdWords is by far the biggest and most popular.

What Is AdSense?

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Now you know how AdWords works it’s time to look at a clever trick Google use to increase their ad network’s size. AdSense is a service by Google that allows publishers who run and own websites to monetize their site and make money from ad revenue.

By completing an application form which allows Google to assess if their website meets their required standards, website owners can begin displaying adverts almost instantly. Depending on the size and placement of the advert will depend on how much money the publisher will receive. Keywords also play an important part in this as some industries have much higher PPC rates than others.

At the end of every month, publishers can receive their revenue via check as long as the meet the minimum earnings for the month. These ad revenues can be anything from $10 a month on small websites to $50,000 a month or more on the larger ones.

By acting as a middleman, Google brings together the world’s largest advertisers and websites by matching them together based on their industry. If there’s an advertiser who wants to sell cars then Google will be matching them up to various car review websites. By doing this they are efficiently matching adverts to relevant customers who are likely to click on the advert and convert.

So if you have a popular website but nothing to sell, then Google AdSense could be a great way to monetise your website and make some money.

Help Protect Yourself

Now you know the differences between the services and how they work, it’s important to know about a dark secret Google doesn’t want you to know.

Millions of dollars a day are wasted on PPC adverts due to click fraud.

Many publishers who run AdSense on their websites will often purposely click the adverts just to get money. For them this sounds great getting $1 for every click, but for the advertisers, they are losing money.

Although Google has tried to combat this in the past by implementing new features, the issue is still large. If you’re planning on running an AdWords campaign or currently run one already, then you need PPC Protect.

Developed by advertisers who were sick of seeing their PPC budget go to waste, PPC Protect helps stop fraudulent clicks giving you a better ROI and saving you money.

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