99.999% Uptime


Google Approved & Audited API (More Secure)


Reports Click Fraud Statistics

Avoids Complex User-Defined Settings

True Algorithmic-Driven Approach

Native MCC Account Support

Award Winning

Whitelabel Reporting

Uptime SLA

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Connection Type

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Ad Clicks

Managerial Access (Less Secure)

Data is taken from the ClickGUARD website as of 18/09/19

Avoid Managerial Access Accidents

You wouldn’t trust a stranger with your car, so why would you treat your Google Ads account any differently? PPC Protect only requires API access to your account, not managerial access, meaning we don’t have the ability to grant other users email access to your account. Our code has also been fully audited & approved by Google themselves as part of the API approval process.

Learn More About the Risks of Managerial Access Here

Let Our Algorithms Decide

You’re busy enough with managing your PPC accounts, so you probably don’t have time to configure extra optional settings too. PPC Protect offers a wholly algorithmic approach to blocking click fraud, with our algorithms automatically detecting if metrics such as VPN usage or JS usage are contributing to fraud or not. By manually choosing to block users on VPNs or without Javascript for those reasons alone, you are blocking a huge number of legitimate users and severely harming your ROI.

How does PPC Protect Work?

GDPR/PSD2 Compliant & Encrypted Data

We take your information security extremely seriously. That’s why we’re fully compliant with GDPR and the recent PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2), to ensure your personal and financial information is kept as secure as possible. All our data is stored and transferred under “Military Grade” encryption (AES-256 encryption algorithms). This makes sure that your valuable advertising data is not at risk from any malicious third parties, and is just one reason that major international & global brands use PPC Protect as their platform of choice.

Keep the Most Fraudulent IPs Blocked

Thanks to our “Threat Level” detection technology we ensure your IP blacklist is always populated with the IPs most likely to commit fraud. That means that the oldest IP we added to your blacklist isn’t necessarily the first one to be removed if you reach your limit. Instead, the IPs most likely to commit fraud will always remain blocked.

Pricing Based on Spend

Click fraud affects advertisers of all size, no matter if you’re spending $100 a month or $1 million. Our pricing isn’t based on the number of monthly clicks you receive, but the monthly budget you put through our system. This benefits everyone and helps you save money at the same time, getting more clicks within the same budget.

Still Using ClickGUARD? We’ll Cover The Cost For You To Move

You deserve best in class click fraud protection. That’s why we’ll cover your costs if moving to PPC Protect from ClickGUARD. Simply let us know how long you have left on your existing ClickGUARD contract and we will give you the equivalent time on PPC Protect for free, in addition to your free trial.

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