Turners Cars

Turners Cars is the largest used car network in New Zealand with 21 dealership locations across the country and over 3,000 cars in stock at any one time. They’re known for their fantastic reputation across the country, having been established and helping New Zealanders sell their cars for over 50 years.

The Goal

Combat invalid click activity

56% reduction in cost per acquisition

Big improvement in marketing ROI

Increased qualified lead generation

Better qualified traffic and leads

When Anton, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Turners, saw that some of their paid search data didn’t add up, he wanted to explore the possibility of reducing their invalid activity. But as a nationwide business with an incredibly busy team, Turners lacked both the time and the in-house resources to identify and block invalid activity on search ads on their own. 

Turners had already experienced Google’s in-built invalid activity detection systems and wanted to compare them to a third party’s. Whilst the ad network claimed that this activity was already being dealt with, the data seen by Turners indicated that this may not be the case. In the past, research for invalid click activity meant a deep dive into log analysis, data manipulation, and a whole load of wasted time. Turners needed a solution that would take work off their plate, not add more.

“We wanted to see what the difference was between using PPC Protect and relying on Google’s own systems. The campaign protected by PPC Protect showed much better results than we expected when compared to baseline data. Having PPC Protect on our campaigns strongly increases their performance!”

Anton Borodatov - Digital Marketing Specialist

anton headshot

How PPC Protect Helped Turner Cars

As this was Turners’ first deep-dive into the world of invalid clicks, they needed a system that was simple to set up and wouldn’t eat up more of the limited resources they have to work with. After connecting their ad accounts to PPC Protect, the platform automatically scanned their account structure and historical data to determine which insights, metrics, and data points were most important.

The platform then began automatically adjusting its traffic behavior algorithms based on this data and data from millions of other PPC Protect customers’ traffic profiles. PPC Protect automatically protected their ad accounts against invalid activity and adjusted its performance and metrics in real-time alongside their account activity. Turners had their own dashboard, giving them access to data such as valid, invalid, and suspicious clicks, click source location, and time of day analyses.

Click Fraud Protection That Works

After their like-for-like comparison test between Google and an invalid traffic prevention platform, Turners saw just how powerful PPC Protect could be. Cost-per-acquisition was down 56% and conversion rates had increased by a whopping 126%. Turners also noticed a major improvement in the number of leads coming through when compared to baseline data, with each lead being significantly cheaper to acquire. Finally, Turners saw that the traffic they were receiving was of higher quality, with lower bounce rates and higher session durations.

After just a few short weeks, the PPC Protect data demonstrated that Turners had eliminated costly invalid traffic. As a result, they’re in a far better position to scale their PPC campaigns moving forward, bringing new business and revenue into the company and helping New Zealanders find the best place in the country to buy their next car.

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