Tao Digital Marketing

Tao Digital Marketing are a digital marketing agency based in Bolton specialising in SEO, PPC, and lead generation. Having used PPC Protect for over a year, they’ve seen fantastic savings on their ad campaigns and have recently celebrated their five digit savings.

The Goal

To protect our client's ad budget and reduce fraudulent clicks

Over £850 Saved Per Month

The monthly average saved over the past 12 months

Platform ROI of 17.6x

So far over £10,000 saved!

Located in Bolton, Tao Digital are a performance marketing agency that specialises in SEO, PPC, and lead generation for clients. With a big focus on paid media, Tao Digital are always looking for ways to improve the ROI on their client’s ad campaigns. Initially unaware of the dangers and scope of click fraud, Tao Digital now uses PPC Protect on all of their agency accounts to protect their clients from the dangers of click fraud. Learn more about how paid media specialist Joe Harulow discovered PPC Protect and his experience of using the platform below.

"We noticed that the cost per conversion on certain clients has definitely decreased over time and we believe PPC Protect has played a huge role in that with the money we have saved."

Matt Tomkin - Founder

matt tomkin

Why Does Tao Digital Run Ads?

Our main purpose in running PPC ads is to generate leads and sales for our clients. Currently, our clients can spend anywhere from £500 to £10,000 a month so ad spend can vary from client to client. For our own ads, we spend a much smaller amount just to test different strategies to see what works for us best. Our own paid search campaigns tend to be just for brand awareness so they are much smaller in scale. Ultimately, we use pay per click ads to help our clients grow their businesses while also bringing in new clients.

When Did You Become Aware Of Click Fraud?

We were made aware of click fraud in a chance meeting with one of the PPC Protect team at a networking event we run in Bolton for the Digital and Creative Sector. It wasn’t something we had been made aware of previous to this and once we saw the issue it was clear we needed to act to save our clients money.  

What Has Been Your Experience of Working With PPC Protect?

I’ve found the customer service and support at PPC Protect to be exceptional. No issue is ever too big and they are very responsive. When you are dealing with client’s budgets then matters are often quite urgent. It’s great to have a support team who get back to you very quickly and helps you with any issue you face. The support team has helped us get PPC Protect set up for each of our clients, including any issues with the tracking that we faced. They also guided us through the setup so we understood the process for future clients. 

What Made You Invest In Click Fraud Protection Software?

When we became aware of it and did some more research into it, it was alarming to see how much budget can be wasted on fraudulent clicks. This was definitely a concern of ours due to the increased cost per acquisition for our client’s businesses.

Why Did You Choose PPC Protect?

I trusted the team of people I met. It was also pretty clear how valuable the tool was to our clients. At the same time, it was really easy for us to set up so we had no objections to using them. I think the one thing that stood out to us was PPC Protect’s brand and their communication of the brand. Very professional, engaging, and their team clearly have a great understanding of their customers and their needs.

Has PPC Protect Helped Improve ROI?

100%, especially on our biggest client account who spends in the tens of thousands a month. We can firmly say that over the past two years PPC Protect has helped us improve the overall ROI on this client’s account, along with plenty of our smaller accounts. Our business is all about doing right by our clients in any way we can, so yes the cost is definitely justified. Not just for the technology that has been crafted but also for the support and guidance that goes along with it.

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