Part of the Maze Media group of companies, Optimyzd provides digital services, including paid search, display, and paid social advertising. With offices in London and Peterborough, Optimyzd works with a wide variety of clients – from small businesses to large corporations. A prominent aspect of their work is insurance companies and the financial sector. 

PPC Protect helps Optimyzd ensure clients’ accounts achieve the best ROI on their paid search ads by detecting invalid ad clicks.

The Goal

To reduce invalid and suspicious traffic

£3,800 saved in ad spend per month

Valuable monthly savings to revinest

1.8% increase in traffic quality

Cleaner traffic for better marketing optimizations

The financial and insurance sectors are a specialized part of Optimyzd’s business. The industry is highly regulated and compliance-heavy. Although fraudulent traffic is not a massive problem, it does still exist. 

The Optimyzd team had come across the issue of invalid clicks. According to Managing Director Dez Calton, client’s accounts experienced fraudulent clicks on both Google and Bing ad campaigns. 

He explains: “All of a sudden, obviously invalid clicks appeared on some of our clients’ accounts in a short space of time.”

However, Dez continues, “Although we did eventually recover the money, ironically we never heard from Bing or Google to say we have seen this invalid activity and here’s a refund.”

Shortly afterward, Dez came across PPC Protect at a marketing exhibition in London. He got chatting with the team and explored how our software could prevent invalid clicks from happening in the first place.

"The best thing about PPC Protect is the simple implementation. And it’s low maintenance – you just plug it in and let it do its work. Plus, the ongoing support from the team has been great; they’ll talk you through everything. We now include PPC Protect as a standard part of our service offering to clients."

Dez Calton - Managing Director

dez calton

How PPC Protect Helped Optimyzd

Dez took advantage of our demo and signed up for the free traffic audit. And he was impressed by how easy PPC Protect is to implement. 

“We have an MCC account that has over 50 sub-accounts,” says Dez, “and I did think it would be a complex process, but it was very easy to implement.”

Optimyzd was pleased to discover that the percentage of suspicious and invalid traffic wasn’t at the top end of the scale. However, according to Dez, the amount saved made PPC Protect a very cost-effective option. “It’s more than paid for itself,” he explains. 

With an average saving of £3,800 in ad spend per month, Optimyzd’s clients can reinvest in legitimate clicks. Plus, PPC Protect offers an insurance policy against any future problems with invalid clicks. 

“It was an easy sell to our clients because it just makes sense,” he says.

Optimyzd’s Success Story

Alongside reducing clients’ ad spend, PPC Protect means that Optimyzd can maximize campaigns based on clean data and real prospects.

“We have up to 40,000 keywords we bid on across all clients’ accounts,” says Dez. “So, once you scale up, the overall impact is huge.”

According to Dez, Optimyzd’s clients can have confidence their budgets are being used as efficiently and effectively as possible. And campaigns are now tweaked based on clean data rather than fraudulent activity. 

“The AI-driven, real-time protection offered by PPC Protect is now included as standard for everyone we work with,” concludes Dez.

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