Europcar Mobility Group is a French car rental company, operating in 140 countries across Europe, North America, Western Asia & Africa. The company offers a range of vehicle rental and ride-sharing services.

PPC Protect helps Europcar detect illegitimate ad clicks across its brands while protecting ad budgets and maximizing the potential of their ad campaigns.

The Goal

Identifying fraud for senior stakeholders

824% return on investment

Instant savings from their first month

An uplift of 14.4% in traffic quality

Resulting in €19,300 of savings in one month

Initially, PPC Protect was approached by a sub-division of Publicis Media, Europcar’s digital agency partners, to begin an investigation into potential fraudulent ad spend for senior financial stakeholders within the company.

Europcar were not certain if they were impacted by ad fraud or not, and wanted an easy-to-use solution to firstly see if this was an area worth exploring further. Our initial investigations highlighted up to 15% fraudulent activity across SEM channels, warranting further investigation and monitoring.

PPC Protect’s entirely automated & machine learning driven approach to click fraud prevention allowed Europcar to work on preventing click fraud with just an initial 15 minute technical setup time, and no ongoing monitoring or time investments required.

"PPC Protect identified €19,300 of fraudulent activity across all Europcar brands in the first month, resulting in a 824% return on investment."

return on investment

The Solution

Automated click fraud prevention across all 11 company brands.

PPC Protect worked closely with Publicis Media/Performics, Europcar’s digital agency partners, to onboard all 11 company brands into our platform within 15 minutes.

The machine learning algorithms used by PPC Protect allowed the system to continually learn & refine its approach to detecting and blocking fraud by building and adjusting ideal customer profiles in real time, across both search and display campaigns.

This continually automated & hands-free approach allowed the paid search team to focus on their usual day to day activities without having to allocate extra resources or time to continually tweak and configure their click fraud prevention platform.

In total, the complete time investment from Europcar & the agency paid search teams across the first month was just under two hours.

Furthermore, PPC Protect provided direct access for Publicis Media / Performance to our advanced reporting suite, allowing detailed insights in to fraudulent activity for the agency team to use in further optimizing and improving their existing campaign structures.

The Result

An uplift of 14.4% in traffic quality & €19,300 of savings in one month.

PPC Protect identified €19,300 of fraudulent activity across all Europcar brands in the first month of working together, resulting in a 14.4% uplift in traffic quality across the group’s paid media campaigns.

Europcar achieved a 824% return on investment in month one with PPC protect, allowing for significant reinvestment of ad spend into new types of emerging media and increased ad spend across various test campaigns.

Furthermore, the time investment required from the Europcar team was minimal, allowing them to focus on normal day to day paid search activities whilst still being fully protected against all types of click fraud on their Google Ads campaigns.

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