How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you’re looking for PPC advice, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we have a fantastic blog full of PPC related articles, but we also have plenty of guides to help you master PPC.

However, what if you need advice on something else, say, how to run or manage your business? Although we could give you a few pointers, we think it would be best to leave it to the industry experts. We might know everything there is about PPC, but we don’t exactly know a lot about local plumbing.

To give you the right advice on how to grow your business we’ve put together a useful list of the best magazines and websites to get business advice. No matter your industry or niche we’re sure you’ll find something of use on this list. Here are our favourite business resources.

talkbusiness website

The first on our list of useful business resources is No matter what industry you’re in, Talk-Business offers a range of informative articles and guides on how to grow your company. Featuring success stories and interviews with established business owners as well as guides on marketing and managing your money, Talk-Business is a great resource for everyone. Talk-Business also has a convenient franchise section that focuses primarily on the running and startup of franchises. If you’re considering starting a franchise, then there really is no better place.

pro builder mag

If you’re in the construction industry, then is a must read. Featuring countless categories and advice for UK based builders and tradesmen, you’ll find plenty of informative articles to help you improve your industry knowledge. The products section of the site is a fantastic resource for learning about the latest industry trends, and there’s even a competitions section for a bit of fun and the chance to win yourself some goodies! Updated regularly, is a great place for all the latest construction news and information.

pmmonline website

The motor industry in the UK is exceedingly large and is full of mechanics and engineers working in various garages across the country. Considering most garages are independent and privately owned, keeping up to date on industry news requires research and using your precious time. is a great community for anyone that works in the motor mechanic industry. With the latest industry news, business advice, products and a handy technical library, helps you keep up to date.

startupmag website

New startup businesses can often find themselves lacking support and having no one to turn to. When your business has only been around for a few months, every decision you make is super important for its survival. The Startup Mag is an online magazine full of excellent business advice which is ideal for new startup companies. With topics covering entrepreneurship, marketing and finance, these are all the essentials new business owners should be reading up on.

entrepreneur website

No matter what industry you’re in, is an excellent business resource for everyone. Frequently updated throughout the day, you’ll find plenty of articles and guides on how you can boost yourself and grow your business. Maybe you’re having a tough patch and need some motivation, head on over to their inspiration section to read some amazing success stories from leading business owners. The website also has an events section where readers can participate in group interviews with other successful entrepreneurs. Overall this site is a must read, with so much business advice freely available, you’d be silly to give it a miss.

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