Top 10 Presents Being Scalped By Bots This Christmas

Amber Dawson | December 20th, 2021

Bots are always a pain, but when they’re stopping you from getting your hands on those latest tech releases, they become infuriating.

And that’s exactly what’s happening right now. 

We’ve all seen how COVID-19 has impacted supplies chains and caused global shortages. 

But what’s making this problem worse is that people have created bots to snap up any hard-to-find product as soon as it becomes available. 

These bot-wielders then sell the products at an inflated price, driving up demand and causing normal shoppers to continually miss out.

Tech Products That Are Nearly Impossible To Get Your Hands On

Here’s a list of gadgets you’ll struggle to get hold of right now:

  1. Playstation 5
  2. Xbox Series X
  3. Apple iPhone 13
  4. Graphics cards (e.g NVIDIA RTX 3080/3080TI cards)
  5. Games
  6. Audio gear
  7. Webcams
  8. Nintendo Switch
  9. VR Headsets
  10.  Laptops

Tech products are being hit particularly hard because of a global chip shortage

This problem has been going on for a while and shows no signs of getting better, meaning many people will see another Christmas without unwrapping a PS5 or Xbox Series X

You’d better get practicing your “oh I’ve always wanted another pair of socks!” face.

Global Supply Chain Shortages

Supply shortages are also becoming a massive nuisance in all other industries. The start of the pandemic was made harder by the lack of PPE, and that set the trend for the last 18 months.

We’ve now become used to people stockpiling in a panic, not being able to get hold of certain things, and dramatically inflated prices. 

Even if you’re just popping to the shop, you’ll probably have to make your bolognese without the beef or your crisp sandwich without the crisps.

So moving beyond just tech, here’s a quick list of things you’ll also have found disappearing quickly: 

  1. Food
  2. Lego
  3. Building supplies
  4. Wifi routers
  5. Windows and doors
  6. PPE
  7. Trainers
  8. Cardio equipment
  9. Painting & craft supplies
  10. Locksmith parts (not an issue… until you’re locked in/out your house)

Who’s Behind It All?

So, who’s making these supply problems worse?

Surprisingly, it’s not sophisticated users, just people who want to make a few extra quid. The type of people who buy concert tickets and resell them at five times the price. 

How? With off-the-shelf bots. 

We spoke about the dark side of bot buying before and how you can purchase them to click on your competitors’ ads.

Now, bots are being used to quickly buy limited products like PS5s and sell them at a premium price. 

All you need to do is set them up with what you want them to buy and give them the payment details you wish to use. Some people will buy stolen credit card details to load into the bot so they do not even have to use their own money. 

For example, you can get a bot to buy a webcam off Logitek within seconds of it being in stock and then sell it on Amazon at twice the price. Easy money. 

As a result, Logitek has to increase its prices, put more pressure on supply chains, and suffer the wrath of unhappy customers. 

This bot-buying problem has become so common that there are now Discord groups out there that sell bots, but because the bots themselves have become so hard to get hold of, people are making bots to buy bots – crazy!

Bot Busters

So as bots continue to buy bots and fuel the supply chain issues that are crippling the world, PPC Protect continues to battle against the bots that plague the advertising world. 

If you think you have bots on your ads you know who to call. If you don’t believe you have bots on your ads, you do, so let’s have a chat anyway, and we’ll save you enough in wasted ad spend to buy even an overpriced PS5 from a bot-wielding seller! 

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