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Is Bing PPC A Good Network To Use?

Neil Andrew

Neil Andrew

December 18th, 2019

Neil is Scottish so when he's not writing for PPC Protect he's eating haggis and watching Braveheart.

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It’s no secret that the pay per click industry is worth billions of dollars a year. With so much money up for grabs, it’s only natural that other companies want a piece of the pie. Although Google Ads wasn’t the first PPC network to be launched, after 16 years in the industry, it is most certainly the largest.

In response to Google Ads and its market dominance, many other companies have launched their own networks to compete with the giant. One of these networks is called Bing PPC.

Owned by Microsoft, Bing PPC displays adverts on their own Bing search engine as well as Yahoo’s, which it also powers. With a large audience range and competitive cost per clicks, Bing PPC has become a competitive player in the industry.

But how good is the network? And does Bing deserve your money? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

Bing PPC Audience Reach

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The first thing to consider about PPC networks is their potential audience reach. If you want customers to know about your product or service, then you need to get your advert in front of as many people as possible. Not all PPC networks are made the same, and some have a much larger audience reach than others.

Bing PPC primarily uses two search engines to display its ads. The first is its own engine Bing search with was launched as a viral to Google and Yahoo at the time back in 2009. The second search engine is Yahoo which Bing has a deal to display their adverts on the network. Combining both search engines together and Bing PPC has a large network with a big audience reach.

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However, compared to Google Ads, Bing’s network is still very small. Google is one of the most visited websites in the world and receives hundreds of millions of visits every single day. Considering it’s the most popular search engine out there, if someone wants to find something, then they’re likely to use Google. This means if you had an advert on Bing and Ads at the same time, it’s very likely the advert on Google would get more views. Why? Simply because it is more popular.

In addition to getting more views for searches, Google Ads also has a much larger ad network. Unlike some search engines, Google displays its ads on third-party websites also known as Google partners. This allows advertisers to display their ads on relevant websites without the user having to ever visit Google. Recently data shows that Google’s partner network currently has over 12 million 3rd party websites. If you want to get your advert seen, then Google Ads is the clear choice.

Bing PPC Costs

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When it comes to cost per click, advertisers are always trying to find the cheapest solution to get the maximum exposure. Since Google Ads is extremely popular with advertisers, the average cost per click on the network has been increasing every month. As more and more people start to use Google Ads, this means the price of keywords keeps getting higher and higher.

Compare this to Bing PPC, and it’s the exact opposite. Bing isn’t that well known or used, which means you can often get incredibly cheap clicks compared to other PPC networks. If the keywords you want to target on networks such as Google Ads are very expensive, then they will often be cheaper on Bing. This can be a useful way to drive traffic to your website while saving a considerable amount of money. Combine this with the fact that your ad will display on both Bing and Yahoo search engines; it sounds like you’re getting excellent value for money.

Although the cost per clicks can be considerably lower on Bing PPC, you can also get extremely cheap keywords on Google Ads. You just need to know what you’re looking for. When you can bid on cheap popular keywords on larger PPC networks, it can sometimes seem pointless as to why you would use Bing instead. After all, a low searched keyword on Google is probably going to get 10 times the traffic compared to Bing.

Network Results

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We’ve spent a lot of time talking about visitors and cost per clicks, but all that really matters are the results. Does the traffic convert? Do the campaigns make you money? How can you tell?

Both networks come with detailed analytics tracking software that allows you to see how many impressions you are getting on your ads, as well as clicks. In terms of the software, Bing PPC is probably slightly more advanced which is kind of surprising considering Google Ads are meant to be the market leaders. Not only can you filter and sort data by more options but you can also create more charts and bring up detailed metrics.

As we mentioned earlier, due to Google’s ad network allowing people to display ads on 3rd party sites, it allows you to target people who don’t use Google. On the other hand, with Bing, users must visit Bing or Yahoo if you want your advert to be shown. Since they’re not the most popular search engines out there, the chances of them ever seeing your ad is very low.

In terms of results, you’re much more likely to see higher click-through rates and conversions with Google Ads. It’s mainly due to the fact that your ads get more exposure and more people will see them. Then, as long as your ad has a good click-through rate, you’ll likely receive more visits and more sales.

Is Bing PPC a Good Network?

As you can see there are plenty of reasons why you might choose Bing PPC over other networks such as Google Ads. Not only is the average cost per click considerably lower, but there is also a fantastic range of analytical features that can help you monitor your campaign.

If we had to pick between the two, then it would be an easy choice. Google Ads is the market leader when it comes to PPC, and they pretty much dominate the industry. Not only do they have more keywords than other networks but they also attract a lot more visitors. If you want the most exposure for your ads without paying through the roof for keywords, then targeting long-tail keywords in Google Ads is a great idea.

Although long-tail keywords exist on Bing PPC with cheaper CPC’s, the amount of traffic is virtually none existent and therefore not worth the money. If you want to get the most out of your PPC budget, then it’s clear that Google Ads is the winner (for now).

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