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7 Mesmerising Landing Page Examples You’ll Want to Steal

Alex Winston

Alex Winston

September 17th, 2019

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When it comes to digital marketing, especially PPC campaigns, landing pages play a crucial role. Often overlooked, these landing pages aim to do one thing: get website visitors to convert.

Since there is no right or wrong way to create a landing page, many businesses have tried different approaches. Some are fantastic, while some are… let’s just say, not so good.

If you need some great examples of landing pages for your digital marketing campaign, then look no further. We’ve handpicked our favourite ones from around the web. From large companies to smaller ones you’ve never heard of, these landing pages tick all the boxes. In fact, some of them are so good we wish we thought of them!

Looking to be inspired? Check out these fantastic landing page examples below.

The Best Landing Page Examples 2020


lyft landing page example

Lyft is a company that follows a similar business model to Uber. Passengers pay for a ride, and drivers get paid for giving them one. In order for their business model to work, Lyft needs as many drivers as possible. And, the best way to recruit new drivers is by using a landing page, of course!

Upon arriving on this landing page, you’ll notice there is plenty of calls to action. We love the huge headline that tells visitors how much they can make from driving, (up to $35 an hour). If that wasn’t enough to grab their attention, they also included a little calculator below. When the user enters their weekly hours and city, it gives them a figure on how much they can make a week.

We also like the way the “calculate” button changes into an “apply now” once they’ve entered their information. If they like what they see, then they can jump into the action with a click of a button.

If the initial headline and calculator aren’t enough to instantly get the visitor to convert, there’s also plenty of information below the fold. To finish it off, if the visitor does end up scrolling all the way down to the bottom, then they’ve also included another call to action button.

If this doesn’t want to make you drive your car around all day and get paid, then we don’t know what will. With it’s clear calls to action and sign up form, we think Lyft has done a pretty good job with this landing page.


wistia landing page examples

Next up on our list of landing page examples is Wistia. For those of you that haven’t heard of Wistia, they provide professional video hosting with analytics and video marketing tools. With various paid and free accounts available, Wistia has made a landing page targeting free users.

As soon as you arrive on the landing page, there is a clear white headline that sticks out on the bright blue background. The title reads “Sign up for your free Wistia account” with a little subheading underneath.

Below that is a simple and well laid out sign up form that includes 6 fields and a create account button. The form itself is pretty self-explanatory with text in each of the fields telling you what to enter.

Considering there are only really 4 fields to fill out and the rest you simply click, this takes away any problems visitors might experience. If you’re having doubts about creating your account, then you can always scroll down to reveal the FAQ.

With its simplistic look and contrasting colours, we think this landing page does exactly what it was designed to do. With little distractions on the page, the landing page lets you focus on one thing: signing up.


geico landing page

For those of you that don’t live in the US, then you’ve probably never heard of GEICO. Known for their Gecko mascot, GEICO is well known for its advertising and entertaining commercials. All funny things aside, GEICO is here to do one thing: sell car insurance.

Now this landing might look a bit plain, and you’d be correct, but there is no right or wrong. When it comes to landing pages, only one thing matters, getting conversions. Typically, the smaller the form on your landing page, the more people will sign up. Have you ever been on a landing page with 20 fields to fill out? Most people take one look and press the back button.

GEICO has stripped this landing page to the bare minimum. A single headline, one field, and one call to action button. With nothing else on the landing page, it gives viewers very little option but to enter their ZIP and begin.

If you thought landing pages had to be super fancy, then think again. This is one of the few landing page examples that only has one field on the entire page. We’d be super interested to see the statistics and conversion rate of this landing page. But if you think about it; if the conversion rate wasn’t good, they would have gotten rid of it a long time ago.


paypal landing page inspiration

The chances are, if you’ve ever done a bit of online shopping then you’ve probably used PayPal. The huge online payment processor has been around for many years and shows no signs of slowing. In a bid to increase its number of active users, PayPal has started to target online business owners.

It makes perfect sense; online business owners need some kind of payment processor so customers can pay and PayPal is an excellent choice.

On this landing page, PayPal are promoting a free eBook to visitors titled “Growing your online business”. In order to receive the free eBook, customers must fill out the signup form which consists of 5 fields. These fields are pretty self-explanatory and what you would expect from a standard sign up form.

We like the bullet points under the eBook title that give you a glimpse into what you’ll learn from the eBook. This is obviously to spark the interest in visitors which should ultimately end with a conversion.

To finish off this landing page, there is also a big blue button under the sign-up form that clearly stands out. This lets visitors know that as soon as they fill out the form, they can instantly download it. No second pages, no additional information, just access to the eBook which is what visitors want.

Although it might not have the thrills of other landing pages, it clearly does its job. Everything is above the fold, and there are little distractions in the way. With a landing page like this, you’re sure to increase your conversions.


hired landing page design

Hired is an online recruitment website that matches talented employees with employers. Unlike traditional recruitment processes, companies actually apply to candidates! Compared to other recruitment websites, you’ve probably never experienced anything like Hired, and they want you to know that.

The first thing you’ll notice upon arriving on their landing page is the “3 reasons you’ll love Hired” headline on the right. As you can see, it lists a few important reasons that make Hired stand out from the rest of its competition. On the left-hand side of the landing page is the signup form.

Split into 2 sections, “talent” and “employers” tackles both types of visitors with one landing page. The talent sign up form consists of only 4 form fields. Like we mentioned before, fewer fields to fill out means more conversions.

Just in case you are struggling on the sign-up form, it also includes predefined text in the fields to give you an idea of what to type. Not only does this make it super obvious but if you’re having a hard time then it also helps out.

With a few call to action headlines and a nice “Get Started” button, once the visitor has seen the benefits of using Hired, there is nothing to stop them from signing up. To finish it all off the whole landing page is above the fold and there are no obvious distractions anywhere.

Code Academy

codecademy landing page example

Learning to code can be hard, but with the right instructors and course, it’s not as hard as it looks. Code Academy is an online learning hub that teaches individuals programming languages such as JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP to name a few. With over 25 million registered users already, Code Academy shows no signs of slowing down.

The first thing you’ll notice about this landing page is the reinforcement that the service is free in the headline. Everything loves something for free and mentioning it in their headline is an excellent way to increase the number of conversions.

We also like the simple and slick sign up form that only has 3 fields. An interesting thing they have done to make it even slicker is to remove the form names on the left.

Instead, the form titles are actually inside the form fields. Not only does this make the whole page look tidier, but it gets rid of unnecessary and duplicate field names.

To make things quicker, the form also includes a Google and Facebook sign up button below. This means the user doesn’t even have to fill out any of the forms at all. One-click and they’ll be fully registered.

If visitors require a bit more information about the website before they sign up, then there’s plenty of more information below the page. Unlike other landing pages that also do this, Code Academy has this neat little “learn more” box on the bottom of the screen.

The first time you visit the website, this button really stands out and makes you want to click it. As soon as you do, it disappears because it’s served its purpose. The user is then left with a YouTube video in front of them explaining what code academy does. If you didn’t know already: videos on landing pages increase conversions.

This is a great trick from Code Academy which has made their landing page even better. Maybe they should be called Landing Page Academy?


user testing sign up page

User Testing is an online consumer research company that sells customer feedback to companies regarding their services. If you have an app, website or product, then User Testing will test it and record participants doing so.

This gives you lots of feedback on your products and services. In addition to this, User Testing also offers a lot of eBooks on the research they have conducted and what results they have found.

On this landing page example, User Testing is offering a free eBook to anyone who signs up. Titled “Measuring and Evaluating Your Omnichannel Customer Experience” the eBook provides lots of useful tips for businesses.

In order to get the free eBook, visitors must opt-in using the form on the right of the page. The first thing we love about this landing page is the nice call to action above the form. This tells users what they are signing up for and reinforcing the fact that it is free. Each field on the form contains an example of what they should enter with a green button at the bottom giving them the final call to action.

To increase the chances of users signing up for the eBook, they have also included several features of what’s included. By giving highlights and sneak previews of what is included in the book, this makes visitors want it even more.

The only thing we want to know is: how many people tested their landing page!


pharmavaccs landing page

PharmaVaccs is a UK based travel vaccine supplier that operates a network of health clinics across the UK. If you’re going on holiday and need a travel vaccine, then the chances are you’ll visit PharmaVaccs.

Once you’ve arrived on their website, you’ll be greeted with this colourful landing page, and your journey to booking your vaccine will begin. The first thing to notice on this landing page is the hero background that shows a family on a pier in the sun. People visiting this landing page are highly likely to have families, which makes it resonate with them. Knowing your target demographic is important.

On top of the hero image, you’ll notice a Trustpilot review symbol and rating, which is excellent for establishing legitimacy and trust. Clicking the Trustpilot logo will take the user to the Trustpilot page for the website and display all the reviews so the user can do their own research.

Just below the logo is a search bar where a user can quickly enter their postcode or address and find a local clinic in their area. This makes the booking process incredibly streamlined as it doesn’t force the user to scroll through a never-ending list of clinic names. This speeds up the overall process and gets the user to the checkout as soon as possible without losing them along the way.

Best Landing Page Design Practices

Now we’ve been over a lot of great landing page examples, what can you take away from these pages and how can you improve your own? To help you boost your conversions and bring in more leads, here are the key points you should consider when making any landing page.

Keep It Simple

The first key point to building a winning landing page is to keep your page as simple as possible. This means not making it too long, or asking for unnecessary information from the user.

If you’ve ever landed on a page with 20 info fields to fill out, then you’ve probably thought “I’m not filling out that!”. The same thing will be going through your user’s minds when they land on your page, so making it as simple and short as possible is crucial for success.

Reduce Navigation

Another key point to consider when making a landing page is the amount of navigation on the page. When a user lands on a landing page you want them to stay on there for as long as possible until they convert.

Experienced digital markets know this and will make it incredibly hard for a user to navigate away from the page itself. This means deleting any links back to the homepage or any distractions that will make the user leave.

Make It Speedy

When using landing pages, speed is one of the most important aspects. Not only does it give users a better experience, but it also greatly increases the chances of them converting. Nobody wants to sit around and wait 10 seconds for a page to load.

Keep this in mind when creating yours. If you’re filling your page with lots of images to make it look nice, then it could actually have a huge impact on your user’s experience which could result in them leaving. Try to keep it optimised and compress any images you do use.

We hope you enjoyed our landing page examples. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take a few key points from each one and come up with your own awesome landing page. Combine your landing page with a PPC campaign, and you’ll have an effective marketing strategy.

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