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1. Sign Up on Tapfiliate

Signing up is quick and easy! Just visit the PPC Protect tapfiliate page and fill out a few details to start on our affiliate scheme.

2. Advertise Us

Advertise and recommend our ad fraud detection and prevention software to anyone who runs ads on networks we support.

3. Get Paid

Get a 30% recurring commission for every user you sign up for 12 months. This means you can earn money even in the slow months!

24/7 click fraud protection

Generous Rewards

Get Rewarded for up to 12 Months

We give you more than a few trivial treats for referring people to us, in fact, when someone signs up to PPC Protect through you, you’ll receive 30% of what they pay per month. As long as the user stays with us, you can sit back and watch the money trickle in for up to a year!

Help Us Stop Ad Fraud

Help us do something good, and also get paid for it. If you’re looking to monetize your platform then we offer the perfect solution.

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