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The New AdWords Notes Feature Is Finally Here

Neil Andrew

Neil Andrew

June 13th, 2019

Neil is Scottish so when he's not writing for PPC Protect he's eating haggis and watching Braveheart.

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A long time ago, Google announced that they were planning on adding new notes feature to their AdWords platform with the intention of helping users organise their campaigns more. For many users, this is precisely what they had been waiting for. Have you ever adjusted your campaign just to see your conversions or clicks skyrocket over the next few days, then completely forget what you changed?

Well, this is exactly what this new notes feature is trying to help with. By using these notes, you can keep track of any changes you’ve done to your campaigns and see how they affect their performance.

To help you get to grips with the new AdWords note feature, here’s a look at how to get started using it.

Using The AdWords Note Feature

The first thing to note about the new note’s feature is that they are available at the account, campaign and ad group levels. Similar to notes that are available in Google Analytics, AdWords notes work in the same way.

To get started using notes, click all campaigns on the top left menu and select the campaigns tab. Then simply position your cursor on the day you want to add the note and click the add note button on the white pop up box.

add note example

Clicking the add note button will open up a new pop up where you type the note that you want to create. Currently, there are no details on any character limit, but the chances are you’ll never end up hitting it anyway. If for whatever reason you’re a terrible aim with your cursor then you can always adjust the date of the note in the date panel at the top.

enter text adwords note example

Once the note has been saved, a new grey box will appear under the day that you added it to indicate there is a note. Clicking the box will show you the note as well as giving you the options to either add a new note or view all the notes on the account.

note saved example

If you click the see all notes button, a new sidebar will pop up that will list every individual note you have created. This is very useful when your campaigns start to get busy, and you have hundreds of different notes.

Not only does it allow easy searching, but it also tells you who made the note and at what time. Hovering over the note also allows you to edit or delete them which is much quicker than having to trail through months of chart data.

all notes example

The new AdWords notes feature will only be available in the new AdWords interface, so if you’re still using the old one then it’s time to upgrade! Remember that the old interface is expected to be removed forever at the end of October this year. But be sure to keep an eye out for Google announcing the official removal date in due time.

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