The Best AdWords Extensions To Improve Your PPC Campaigns

It’s no secret that AdWords allows you to completely customise your adverts to give them a unique look. In fact, that’s one of the reasons AdWords is so popular compared to the other PPC networks. Long gone are the basic text ads with a short description and a headline. Nowadays PPC adverts can be customised to include special ad extensions that help increase your click through rate and conversions.

However, with high customisability comes hundreds of settings and options. With so many options and ad extensions available which ones should you use?

To help boost your ads performance, we’re taking a look at the most useful AdWords extensions that you need to be using. From site menu’s to review ratings, all of these extensions add more functionality and trust to your advert which always makes them perform better.

Address Extension

address extension

The first extension on our list is the address extension which does exactly what you’d expect it to do. Adding the address extension to your advert creates handy address bar at the bottom which lists the address of your business.

More useful for physical business with an address, as opposed to online businesses, this ad extension is perfect for verifying your address. Not only does it give users an idea of where your business is located, but if they click on it it will automatically load up Google maps.

This is a great little addition to have on your AdWords ad, especially if you are a local business targeting local customers. If someone recognises the address as being in their area, then they’ll be even more likely to click. By using this simple yet effective AdWords extension on your advert you’re bound to notice an improvement in ad performance.

Site Menu Extension

site menu extension

The next extension on our AdWords extensions list is the site menu. This useful extension allows you add additional site links underneath your ad that will take users to specific pages. By default, an ad will only have one link that is the headline. When clicking the headline, the user will be taken to the specific landing page for that ad. With the site menu extension, you can add additional site links that take users to other pages on your website.

This is great if you want to promote certain services, special promotions, or just give users an idea of what you offer. By using this extension, it also allows you to target multiple people with the same ad. Your headline might read “Buy SEO services” to cater for those searching for SEO services, while one of your site links might be “Buy PPC services”. This ability to add additional text and links will greatly improve your click through rate and ultimately your ad’s interest.

Click to Call Extension

click to call extension

Call extensions are often not utilised enough on Google AdWords. With mobile traffic steadily increasing year on year, having click to call extensions are quickly becoming essential. When a user sees your ad and likes what they see, their first step will be to contact you. A lot of businesses list their phone number in the advert but don’t make it click to call. This means if you happen to be on your mobile while viewing the ad you either have to memorise it or write it down somewhere else. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could just click it to give them a call?

This is exactly what the click to call extensions does, and if you want to stop losing potential clients, then you should add it straight away.

Review Rating Extension

review star rating extension

One of the most common AdWords extensions used by businesses is the review rating extension. As simple as it may sound, this extension adds a handy review rating feature to your advert which acts as a trust factor. Let’s face it, if one company has a 5-star rating and another company has nothing, you’re much more like to go with the 5 star one. Why? Because you know people have shopped with them before and they have had a good experience.

Compare this to the other adverts that aren’t using the review extension, and you definitely have an advantage. Without a review rating, how can a user trust a website? For all they know the business could have never had a customer before or they are purposely hiding reviews because they are so bad. By having a review rating on your ad, you are essentially telling customers you are reliable and trustworthy with the reviews to prove it.

If you’re looking for a way to give users more confidence to click your ad, then this is the AdWords extension for you.

Opening Times Extensionopening times extension

If you own a store with a physical location, then this AdWords extension is ideal for keeping customers informed. Known as the opening times or store hours extension, this extension quickly tells users when you are open and when you are closed. As simple as it might sound,

This extension is best used in conjunction with the address extension. After all, there’s no point telling them where you are located if they don’t know when you are open. Second of all, there’s no point telling them when you are open without giving them an address. Combine the two extensions together, and you give the user all the information they need about your business.

Callout Extension

callout extension

Before you think this is another click to call extension, think again. This extension is actually to do with calls to action. By adding this extension to your ads, you’ll be able to include an extra line of text which can be used for short blurbs. These blurbs often include your main features and benefits as to why customers would choose you over your competitors.

By using this extension for calls to action only, this gives you plenty of more room on your ad to focus on keywords and optimisation. Remember, an optimised ad with the right keywords will significantly increase your quality score and decrease your ads.

And there you have it. 6 AdWords extensions that you can use on your ads to help boost your engagement. Our advice would be not to use every single one on your advert as things can get crowded. Instead pick only the essential ones which are relevant to your business and are likely to give the biggest improvement. Remember, you can always A/B test the extensions to see which one performs better. Once you’ve found the best performing extensions, be sure to add them to the rest of your ads!

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