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7 Actionable PPC Tips From PPC Experts

Sam Carr

Sam Carr

March 6th, 2019

Sam obsesses over three things in life: Animals, Films and Marketing. We may have over exaggerated his love for marketing.

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Managing a successful PPC campaign is no easy task. With plenty of resources out there, there’s always tons of information right at your fingertips – but it can quickly get overwhelming. Once you’ve mastered the basics though, it can become quite difficult to find valuable resources of information. There just isn’t that much content out there talking about lesser-known tips & tricks.

Thankfully, we’re here to change that. We’ve asked 6 leading PPC experts from around the world for their uncommon, unique and actionable advice when it comes to managing PPC campaigns. So without further delay, get reading below and learn how to supercharge your PPC campaigns!

#1 Demographics Targeting & Reporting

adam robinson

There has been a recent expansion of the targeting & reporting aspect within the demographics section of Google Ads – and many advertisers are potentially missing out. This section allows businesses to investigate any potential visitor trends and not only optimise according to the data – thus improving the ROI – but also adapt future marketing efforts (both offline and online).

Predictions about people interested in services are all well and good, but the possibility remains that there will be correlations and niches that have not been considered. This information helps to plug that gap.

Adam Robinson from Marketing Signals

#2 Utilise Pay Per Conversion

justin deaville

Recently, Google released a new feature called “Pay Per Conversion” that means it’s now easier to get sales from display. You simply set a cost per sale target. Then provide Google with your ad collateral.

Google will deliver sales. And – here’s the thing – you only pay when customers convert. And you’ll never pay more than your CPA price. It’s an innovation that opens up great opportunities for performance marketers. People who need to deliver sales (or leads) at a set price.

Justin Deaville from Receptional

#3 Dark Posting on Facebook Ads

jon maher

If you’re trying to get the most out of Paid Social ads on Facebook / Instagram, I heavily recommend Dark Posting your ads. “Dark Posting” refers to the act of using the same ad ID across multiple campaigns and ad sets.

The Dark Posting strategy is awesome because it allows you to amass viral type social value on your ads in the form of likes, comments and shares.

And if someone tags their friend or shares your ad, the engagement received by their network is free! I’ve seen clients get a 20% boost in traffic out of their ad spend with this type of social engagement.

Typically when duplicating an ad across multiple ad sets in Facebook, the platform creates a brand new ad (and ad id) for each duplicate – This hurts your potential for generating viral social value on a post.

To Dark Post – Create an ad, then grab it’s ad ID by previewing the ad and copying the second string of numbers in the preview URL (it should be a 10-15 digit number). Next you take that ad ID and create a new ad elsewhere, but choose “Use Existing Post” and paste the ad ID. That’s it, you’ve dark posted!

Jon Maher from Esper Inbound

#4 Make Use Of Rule Bidding

tom sangers

I like to add rules to accounts and the one I like best can help maintain position and decrease CPC.

Every day set your keywords to decrease by 3%, if for example in position 1.1. Then set another rule to increase your position by 3% if lower then 1.5.

This balances the account and means you do not overpay for keywords that are in 1st place, but maintains the first position at the lowest cost.

This can work very well for brand keywords.

Tom Sangers from Evosite

#5 Search Attribution Reporting

darren taylor

A tab often forgotten about in Google Ads is the search attribution report  (under the measurements menu). It’s important to understand how people convert on your website by measuring the touchpoints they have pre-conversion.

A great attribution report is the “top paths” report that shows the keyword path a user takes by impressions and clicks. This will allow you to see how keywords contribute to your overall campaign performance. If a keyword appears to have a low conversion rate, pause for a moment before deleting it and check this report. That keyword may provide the first touchpoint to further conversions down the line.

Depending on your business model and niche, if you are too hasty in removing keywords like this, it could negatively impact your conversion volume.

Darren Taylor from The Big Marketer

#6 Don’t Get Caught Up On Spend Targets

matthew soakell

Don’t get too caught up on a particular return on ad spend figure at the risk of strangling an account where volume is concerned.

Whilst you may have an 800% target, if you can hit 650-700% and make £50K in revenue, rather than hit 850-900% and make £30K, you’re going to be better off in the long run.

Matthew Soakell at Mabo

#7 Don’t Get Caught Up On Spend Targets

mark dymond

Something that is completely overlooked by many PPC professionals is setting up in-market audiences in observation mode for search campaigns because it allows you to collect a lot of data without screwing up the current ads you have running.

You can then use the data you collected and use it later on when you are optimizing the campaigns. This should allow for optimal performance.

When a client signs on for PPC help they are expecting results. Constant testing and data collection will allow you to deliver the goods by going above and beyond their expectations.

Mark Dymond from LSEO

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